I Won The Lottery Prank On Girlfriend! Video

lottery prank

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you’re gonna spend $50,000 on yourself what I don’t see why not I bought the ticket well so that’s gonna do no way what um come here just come here there’s no way is this what I think I just won on this yes I did doesn’t this doesn’t this a match any of your numbers met any of your numbers the winning numbers right hey says those are the winning numbers got a 2 and a 2 what does that say that says that says 50k so you get 50k no I guess so cuz that’s what it says it says match any of your numbers to any of the winning numbers and win the prize below shown that number and that’s a 50k isn’t it Internet 50,000 yes Jenna Ryan walked you what what 50,000 oh my mother Jonas bobbing spree what okay really that’s not real it is look it says you have to call the laundry place or public relations here’s the number to get it to clean my the prize winners of five of a thousand dollars and up and at 150 K I’m right yeah my dad just got better so didn’t mind why why why is $15,000 why do you look same what do you like am i excited why are you excited because I just wanted 50 came in and what I’m gonna go spend it oh are you gonna go spend it all on yourself yes it’s mine I think it I bought it I want the ticket you’re gonna spend $50,000 on yourself what I don’t see why not I bought the ticket who else oh that’s nearly done in order to share some of it I’m not serious are you serious why would I share it you’re not gonna share it well why would I I bought the ticket oh well we’re together okay but I never learned anything and I’m gonna spend this on myself $15,000 on yourself you don’t watch $50,000 yeah we’ll win sighs Andy stop wait I’m not kidding I’m happy this is mine I bought this ticket you’re gonna spend $50,000 on yourself and you’re not gonna share it yeah that’s what I’m saying you’re not you’re fucking no no what it’s not I think you have money so so while driving why would I spend it on you so I’m gonna think you spend it all on me so you wouldn’t feel bad if I won fifty thousand and didn’t share any of it with you well if you want it you want it you want to feel bad though I guess I feel a little sad but you want it and I understood I’ll see you right here arguing what is wrong with you I don’t see why you’re arguing about I’ll see why you think it’s fine to keep it all to yourself because I bought this these are my numbers I scratch this so you’re gonna give $50,000 all to yourself and nobody else that’s why I played played it so much boys you’re totally in I just played this for fun and I just won so if you want a million you would keep all that to yourself I don’t know what I do with me if you’re gonna come I guess if you want it’s a million dollars why wait just come here just come here look at this ticket no come here look look at the map look at the back for what it’s not my money look what is it what is it yeah it’s not real it’s never yeah fully lotta money to get to of zit we can go spend 50 K right now yeah spent 50 K you just first you get my hopes up that we wanted 50 K then you said you’re not spending any of it on me and then you’re not sharing it and then it’s a prank well I will share it if I abjure PK waited why we have 50 K you mean you thought I had 50 K I’m just givin all right well I’ll see you later cuz I just wanna be don’t think about it too much too much.


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