Hiting The Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

don’t simply you got a match 33 amounts dream mm hmm there’s no one they go yeah they’re hard to scratch that’s why I scratched mine in the middle only one two dollars look at your father can scratch the shit out of that he won Ted no he didn’t win ten you got to get all three yeah good 3k up he went he’ll give 50 hours oh you win 10,000 do it well you give that helmet now this is only between me and you know last no ed no Jeannie ya heard oh come on baby what you got yeah I told you yeah here today no tonight haha another ten with ten thousand that’s to 10,000 yeah yeah get it protect out today well that’s another 10,000 yeah why yes I’m telling you with it this is a pad all experience yeah these are hard yep that’s my knowledge that’s why they give it a baby demon wait the back way the back hi everything that shit I beautiful you.


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