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lottery prank

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Oh woof though y’all is your voice on PA and today i’m back at my girlfriend house say hey baby oh my beautiful girlfriend no but I’m back come on girlfriend house and I got some exciting news seller and I’m going to catch her reaction man i’m going to catch her reaction she excited to find out what it is so I’m gonna tell her about to the camera right here and I’m at other man so let’s go okay so then the news is the turn news of a list like this in a camera somewhere Wow all right so the news is Ariana mom mom he deluxe and she is going to be in a new car and bought me a new one important tool tomorrow I’m desi I’m not joking at all I’m gonna hit the lottery and t1 along me a new car our best is mark I’m not playing you’re not having fun with the fucking spot you are on a wrap I’m happy for you sit down food options colleges are differences which is fucking hood I don’t know loud benefit from their happiness yes you do we I get your mom to tickle my Reaper down there a million bucks doctor I’m dead ass serious right now oh I’m recording this but you gonna be happy about it you don’t even don’t even give a fuck about me yes I do I’m happy I residence Kinyua club in the house will you be cheering for you and I might get mono hi I’m buddy fuse at Carlton look at the country I’ll never know is we’re gonna go see when we go to the locks along but you want that Carter so y’all ready here man my mama is in the lottery and I’m gonna get hard on in his court man i’m gonna give her this car so you know what I’m saying like she really didn’t care she really didn’t care I really did so Luther was I mean no that’s good you have you got more money for me because I have worried about you Tom just call focus on money to you know you have people mickey hey figures if a lot of three turn up by your nails done every week you already know wanna get her nails done buddy get her nails done every week you know what I’m saying but it will take your shops and probably next week on Monday you want more shopping ok you do want to ensure sure why what you want cuz i’ma spin it up I’m sorry three bands on so you can go on the mall pick up anything I’m spending three bags on my girls oh so what time the shit you’re going to get you on this you some designer shit cuz we Brits now baby we’re a decisions been to almost the hill and dollars seven hundred thousand dollars today they’ve got these impulses day baby we fuckin richland we on the back they gotta move I keep building is gonna check out right now and we able 1 coventry in the fuckin mansion candles this is crazy though because I would never think it would happen to me though you know our men will you spend like you did I have to take it she wonder love like I don’t know my widow’s right okay put it in a really useful villain but you can’t stay and see what it is whatever my family won a lottery and now I’ll riches fuck anybody come try to Romney I’ve got some for ya sure tom yeah she say I got shit for your a stomach this is the right now I’m not this is too I just I’m serious nothing like I got money am I putting on over to my mom is my pot houses we should a mole but it’s my father we can go get you 25 let’s go you don’t find out I never go to ATM to get cash me a corn so now we hit the lottery and we turn there but we rich from them know we’re in forever because this right here my girl bar gonna do this shit and we reach my you rich from home and I pass it did you are Peter young happy for hours how many happy I mean I’m happy for you to all of us but no thanks so you tell me something your mom would like to tell anything done unless they were thought hey I’m so I’m getting new car new house you will be happy for me but you just have to be lying us because i am you should be happy you want her in it enough you guys you meet 25 bands of seeing on myself that’s called well meaning you okay so we we in the strip you know out thanks we higness trip we had missed it but you know was also crazy mother fucking playing with me and he said let us this is she you know was also crazy about her getting a lot of inches this is crazy though because actually hit the lottery i had to go to her house and tell you that is a prank you can hit home fucking fuck your diary what the fuck ain’t no fucking matter I know lottery want it ain’t no nails got every week hey get being done you fill me in together don’t you get her nails done oh my nails namikaze yeah easier now that you already know she got a cover it there but her nails gonna sleep you know what I’m saying keep my beretta government you know what I’m saying like I said to avoid sharp eh man we got her ass with another prank video I told her man these pranks about to be coming nonstop man wouldn’t how do you I never need math so y’all go daman music damn cool okay listen here just this brcc x will not be pressing me anymore so do not come for any more pranks Kanako happy are usually into that DC I’ll go forward what you talking about you know what I’m saying I’m coming back for more pranks and if y’all want to go watch my last video Ariana go get a video look out it will be in the description is down below yeah without further to leave by the end of this video the boys r PX are they now.


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