He Won The $100,000 Lottery Jackpot… Prank!! (Crazy Lottery Jackpot Challenge) Video

lottery prank

SPENDING on Lottery Tickets/Scratch cards to win the JACKPOT CHALLENGE… More like buying fake scratch cards and pranking my brother lool

five four three two one alright let me just stop skating before I take the biggest L of 2017 and kill myself because you best believe if I kill myself I’m leaving behind 13 tapes blaming dying people I’m gonna die peacefully or I could basically you guys didn’t know and you know wait let me show your true you see that no jump yeah there’s no trick anyways man the bill today is is that my brother wants a new laptop you know undaunted buy him a new one but I just don’t want to give it away that easy so today I’m going to agree to a challenge where we scratch Laurie ticket and if we win over 250 pounds are taken to the nearest computer school environment new landfill but the thing he doesn’t know is that I’m going to prank it I basically bought some fake scratch cards and I’m going to make him think that he’s won a hundred thousand pounds and I want to take him to the store like you going to get a new laptop but when we actually get to the store guess what it’s a fake scratch card you haven’t want anything else so yeah this video is like a prank and a challenge so like a challenge nah a prank no it doesn’t flow does it let’s just call it Frank flash challenge oh yeah fun fact is that I got pushed into the river once like when I was a kid that was fun I also used to play this game with my mates towards the river game where two people stand on this side two people sign on the other side and we kick a ball across the river and whoever keeps the board in the river who creates the game we were Daredevils back in the day what can I say but yeah if you haven’t seen my facebook ball go ahead and subscribe and if you liked the video like the video let’s try to smash 60 likes again I know you guys could do it Team GB let’s smash it you can already follow me my first snapchat Facebook Instagram through the Jeremy and tournament a notification so yeah let’s get into the video alright yeah so let me know waste any more time and actually skate back home and if you don’t know I’m amazing at skating I’m probably so good that I could surf on the water with my skateboard yes doesn’t make sense that’s not good I am oh you all right so I’m going to fake scratchcards here look fake fake and fake so as you just saw those are the prizes you’re going to think he’s won but in reality they’re fake I am going to buy some real scratch cards though just to make it more believable and I’m going to split the pile in half I’m going to scratch some and then my brother’s going to scratch some and he’s the one that’s going to have these in his pile so he’s going to fix these once a major jackpot when in reality dreams are being sold alright since I’m a professional skating as well I’m going to teach my brother how to quickly escape oh shit the Phylis Canion don’t even I can’t skate whoa alright I just wanted to shock some board out and look how many scratch cause of war that’s a lot for these and then I bought these this one it was a million yeah million a million and then aboard these these are one slow and yeah so the deal is if we win over 250 pounds we get to go to a shop and buy my brother new laptops that you’ve always wanted yeah and if we don’t then it doesn’t get one simple as so the first thing is we’re going to be scratching are these little 100k why we need to match three symbols to win on this scratch card well you look over the new one pound coin as well you can’t the old one nah man I own the new one you guys all wrong with the new one or a scratch my first boy what I don’t wear anything almost could have got three five thousand shut up you didn’t wear anything I know shut up cake number two good last 10 pounds and I want anything no no luck probably not have any lost as well all about no are you out too far I want two pounds yeah my brother won two pounds I used to get 248 pounds more number three I want 5,000 pounds no shut up though you didn’t shut up before I got it or would you get what you get with one pound by chance yeah once I partner another double girl okay okay the last 100k Scott Scott no I’ll flip you we won seven pounds from those the last one which is all right I guess but yeah now on to another 100 cakes scratchcard you asking this one’s going to be a bit bad no no luck what is it honest I still don’t know what to do this is a crap game Alissa now no luck so basically if you still don’t get it we have to match the two symbols up in there oh yeah let’s move on to the second one oh wow we want you in town yes sports yeah we matched two rings and we were just $5.00 I got the expert on the triple slaw yes designers 50 balls yes a five times three is 20 it’s 15 it yeah I mean 6:15 all right now we’re gonna go on to the million pound all gosh the big boy a big double we doing with anything oh well looks like I’m not gonna get my laptop but yeah my brother still got these three naughty things to go so yeah which one you gonna start on I’m gonna start on so basically has to match to win five thousand pounds five thousand us a lot lucky number good luck little five oh I will fall to 100 thousand you want buy a car what the flick I’m keeping our money no kiss off you could buy it a good left off with that yah I know where’s the other one scratch off all the squares find three duckies and you win the prize so piss off oh my god my father 300 thousand are pissed off well it’s such a last one if you win three times in a row oh my dears oh my god find three fives in a row a column or diagonally when the prize will surprise all of the fire I was three times in a row that’s twenty thousand a fake another I know it’s fake they’re not fake you do they got barcode look do they all crap they do are we going yeah yeah I flew back of your side Syed you’re gonna cry oh yeah that’s right are you so sad no I’m just annoyed I hate you I’m so sorry man not a good unless you’re gonna cry whoa I’m not gonna cry ketchup jeez I feel bad not bad no she said grow notnot sad I’m just pissed all right I think this antenna rogue who’s actually sucked I know a fat on pig I’ve been excited to go just this side but yeah we actually won that seven pounds just comic con but I’m always going definitely pissed but yeah the canals the video please subscribe like and share it and uh yeah man I’m gonna kick I see in my next video we’re gonna give you back we’ll see about that. .

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