Hamilton Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

In 2015, the Hamilton Musical epidemic swept the nation. Over 50,000 people enter the lottery every day. Conner has been religiously entering for months and for any Hamilton hopeful, 4PM is a time, as that’s when you receive your rejection But not today… Not for Conner.

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shut up shut up shut up what shut up i won no I won no I’m not kidding what I’m shaking I need to tell everybody I don’t know I’ve never feel so sad about him before ever kind of tell me how you feel I feel like I won the lottery would you have this or a thousand dollars right now I would rather have this Oh two thousand dollars Oh Audrey I won the lottery I literally dead luck I did I did we did we did 91 in New York or I I’m gonna sing and they’re gonna ask me to be on stage with them lucky I by myself wait why did I just get two emails did you make it off maybe the first one might not be is it accurate oh I feel.


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