Guy Divorces Wife During Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

00 he quit his job, broke up from his best friend, & told his wife that he really hates her & that he’s divorcing her. . . . Only to find out that the lottery ticket was a spoof

probably seen those fake lottery tickets you ever seen those they tell you first you’re rich and then on the back if you read real close they tell you you’re an idiot it uh it may be cruel but we have hit the jackpot with these fake lottery winners check it take us all at dinner yeah maybe the good will do steak oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god are you calling wait a second nothing like that hi mr.Branson this is Doug I hope you having a good morning um Hey look I’m not gonna be coming into work today cuz you’re a fat oh yeah herb so cup it suck my hay and suck it again like wit you I need something to tell you baby was over we’re done divorced Hey oh yeah we’re done with this I don’t know that I shut up bro I hate you I don’t know why I married you pressure from your parents huh no why you will just hate your lab my dude when you sleep honey I pinched you bitch I picked your back man I don’t picture a reason mark can ride with those poor Xavi hey Tom down there you need to calm down okay I got some moves for you guess what happens every Tuesday around like 3:30 Sarah you curl mom talked me off in my car yeah later newsflash oh but guess what matters I’ll go hey all you guys God it’s a fake ticket no ticket you it’s a hilarious go take it it’s so funny we’re just messing around you shut up look at the ticket for me thank you oh good not everybody you. .

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