Grandpa Wins The Lottery (Prank) Reaction!!! Video

lottery prank


them how the reindeer loved as they shot it up with three hey guys I’m cam and I know the schedule says um that it’s blog / prank day I can’t vlog on my phone because it I can’t upload it to for my phone um so as soon as I get to the ipod working and reset I will use this and i’ll be blogging for you guys posting stuff on there for that but all I can do right now is rio do reaction so I guess Logan will have a vlog or prank for you guys today watch that on don’t worry about me everything’s ok head on back I know they have enough up i know i haven’t uploaded in like three days but it’s okay i’m back so that’s all I’m going to say about that and I’m reacting to today I’m going to this was a lat last year’s last year angry grandpa video it’s always for his Christmas video on cutting grandpa wins lottery prank so old Christmas video from last year so I figured while I’m just going to react to this one I’m not normal I’ll act react normal I’m sorry but I bad other things that the word up so see just get started with this video in 3 2 1 well it’s Christmas morning and last year grandpa decided to prank me by putting a brick inside of a ps4 box so i thought it’s only fitting that I make grandpa think that he won the lottery so i got a fake lottery ticket and a box full of scratch offs add Merry Christmas so Michael thanks for pranking crown but we’re actually pranking Merry Christmas I’ve seen this before so watch this last year Merry Christmas pardon my critic who up for Christmas that’s for much anywhere to your presence of ya go was just beginning put your hat on that for me yes it is so hard up here’s what you do dump it open it got the Box trust where’s brother look the motor car bra is like freaking 15 a lottery tickets what are you doing you have to do that I’ll go pumas on dad you might what you might want to snack on this do you a Merry Christmas you got you love lottery ticket yeah but you got some high ten thousands well you got it oh Christmas I never played it before seizing the witness our knowledge image yeah but it’d be awesome well can t remember I don’t care if the Bible match any of your numbers to the serial number with price shown for that number okay got you doing three little dippers so I got to see Rihanna’s I gotta to and I got a tooth so let’s think you might wanna go all right it is about your easy yet it would be a high dollar fucking loser Herod ultima one will that means i went to go out i won oh my god Michael I would five six seven hey hey here you win this match three like a mouse without a nap once thanks for good for look 10,000 10,000 tonight yeah hey Dad 110 thousand dollar oh my god lady are a hard man match three mounts win that amount 10 10 10 I wanted all right call Bernanke is good night Michael nobody give me cash today I’ll thank you guys why i want it i will delay my agenda I’m give you two to my do the shit man could you do two thousand eight people i’m doing eight thousand and a half Lucy I follows a lot of friends you make or that you one I want to get out of our duty 1 in 110 thousand go in second and I guard oh my god I’m not a kid thousand dogs thank you you gave it to me what if we get 3000 no you owe me too i won t get home maybe we should get ha ha now you we got nobody ever find everyone I got on there hang on and win what’s going on you just broke up a ticket there’s all the dog so what I don’t care I want to give you half I’d like you get never climb on what the hell is wrong with you my love I give you half that money what are you doing you know they’re not going to take a taped up lottery ticket what I won’t be trying through the bar comes with them who knows works bro well he goes up got a bit there’s your real car we got him Brigid we got it in the right very good Michael you get down my arm oh my god good I don’t you won’t you own tragedy you want to think oh my god us buddy think about our stinking fish hey but thank all of you hey za za sorry about that um my uh brother walked in the end of the video so that was pretty much the video anyway so uh Christmas Christmas is tomorrow today’s Christmas Eve um if everybody has nice Christmas I’ll trying to at least so that’s going to be it don’t forget lights Oh subscribe you out yet Sherry’s videos for France family might I don’t know if I do a video to Morrison’s Christmas but i’ll try to get this can i get this song sorry guys I post on the song but this is a try to get this fixed and working so i could use this the vault on my videos coming out for you guys soon soon as i get through all this stuff that’s been going on I’m not going to take out what it is because it’s personal but I’ll just ideas everything’s okay so yes if you lagh twitter scram he’s made an inscription fault my social medias and now v it i’ll see you guys in the next video tomorrow maybe I have to say or that or monday bye guys you.


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