Grandma Wins The Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

Grandma thinks she wins the lottery and her reaction is priceless.

Oh yes he might be outside with his dog did you this wasn’t one else no no spirit and gotta grab 34 here no look ahead three of one two three Suze no love these days don’t you have to have three matches yeah that’s awesome yeah no way is 10,000 where does it say how many have they all matched really like amount on an imam do you only scratch three though and spiritual perspective all Oh wow that’s true what are we going to do you know you just we just take clean chit I have to get you a secret Carl can’t have any assets should be on Medicare well load it up with all grandkids grandkids do that I’m sure i winning prizes 100 more well whoever whoever catches a you know read it my read one guy on a bed yeah I’m just like looking to see if there was 4.0 read it out loud because I think it tells you what you got to do winning prize of 15 maybe flame wherever lottery tickets are soul winning distance of one must be sent by mail or in person to the money fairy one two three no we’re drive in make believe land that would only ok remember. .

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