Gold Digger Prank Part 11!!! Feat. Lottery Ticket Video

lottery prank

We’ll get back to part 8, 9, and 10 really soon! Hope you all enjoy! Please and please share! to my second channel by me on social smejia95

Check out another Gold Digger video here an Immigrant.

it’s for poor people get potentially turkey to step in a yo la vie la vie used esta bien muy bonito c e o numero de la follow are you are you trying to pick me up right now so locate a ghetto to phone number hey no telefono maybe if you go home this this would work money hole money to wife you wife number no referral entiendes oh poor care my good man look I’m really busy right now I have a class later I’m trying to study in it’s really different class if you could just leave me alone and agree all right guys Blue team FS phone number or follow Allah WA no I’m sorry speak Spanish uh one sec excuse me Campos you you help phone call I I promise I I leave I live alone Eileen my help I leave leave alone please okay thank you okay yep and the last number the mega number is going to eat oysters on a second okay congratulations you have acquitted of the fifty million dollar prize Hey Oh getting here okay Lu I mean a spirit responsible I’m not joking with you guys you want a lot of money money I win I wear 50 million 15 15 million yeah how I get money ha ha oh my god oh dinero Senor million okay okay okay okay I go I go now okay okay mine do you know where the closest liquor store is good come on the liquor store liquor liquor area letting every I see it’s easy Aquino mother do you want me to go with you do you want me to walk oh do you want me to show you where the liquor store is if you need like translating or anything I can help you with that uh III get a I get I get phone number first I don’t follow sure I get phone number and I I called oh my god okay okay III call I call you I can go with you I I call I call later I can go with you no I I call I call later no no I can watch me right now do you want me to go with you I forget money you come with me ah yes he has apps you come in car car you got my gosh okay come on they’re coming car come on come on come on becoming shot yes yes yes we go let’s go get my money.


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