Funny Winning Lottery Prank On Mom!!! Video

lottery prank


guys we’re gonna play a prank on Cheryl Burrell we’re gonna get her back for always making noise I’ll I’m filming we’re gonna get some beer first she wants a cold beer and I told her that I never play the like a lotto ticket she’s addicted to the scratchers she’s at that point where she plays them because she’s gone away and she really is I believe that she is lucky so I said mom just give me two dollars I don’t have any change I just want to buy a ticket while she goes and picks up Sophie so I’m gonna put the phone in the dashboard and she’s not gonna see or pay attention because she’s gonna have so feet coming back from the groomer and I’m gonna scratch it off and not show her and tell her we won like 25000 or something obnoxious like that should I get toilet paper all right so stay tuned Bella’s maybe I will be maybe this joke is on me set for life okay fellas she’s now in the store buying more tickets cuz she’s hooked so she’s gonna come in and I’m gonna pretend like I’m scratching off and that we won hopefully we did win win 4000 a month for 25 years that would be very nice so stay tuned I feel bad but I don’t okay oh it’s unlocked sorry all right Dunlop so this one I always wanted to try this one set for life all right see my magic numbers here okay so match any of your numbers to any three winning numbers win that prize uncover symbol to automatically win prize okay Sophie got clean no Sophie I’m doing my way I’m trying to scratch this number off have to shut the door I’m trying to get in okay sorry okay let’s see here No 3000 let me see honey no no I know it my mom might refer you matching number to the winning we just won 4,000 a month between I mean oh my god thank you but let me make me oh no I know I know no let me see it no mom it says match the number and I know it was a boy I have to see we got the symbol we just oh wait can I make sure let me look at it I see it whoa can I see it you won’t even let me look at a sea of madness I have to let me see it let me let me verify I can’t see it hey just let me make sure okay eight whenever you pull the one that off of you have to win it off the winning number you don’t have 32 winning numbers of 13 no I just Frankie.


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