Funny Fake Lottery Ticket Prank Gone Wrong Video

lottery prank

this is a bad man.

oh my god I’m mr.Branson this is Doug I hope you having a good morning Hey look not gonna be coming in to work today cuz you’re a fat it suck my and sucking the games like wit you over we’re done divorce hey yeah we’re done with this I don’t know that like shut up bro I hate you I don’t know why I got married you pressure from your parents you sleep honey I think you bitch I bet your back man I don’t not picture with those bruises are okay yeah I got some moves for you guess what happens every Tuesday run like 3:30 Sarah your curl me off my car yeah the red dog is a fake ticket to see you yeah hilarious go take it it’s so funny we’re just missing road you should uh look at the trinket. .

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