Funniest Scratchie Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

Greatest prank of all times.

the number is 1 300 no hurry i’m finished kazan planet to the fuck is cut this is go putting these bottom right now I’m surely are you fish and 93 on one between us brother i do not burn each site does above me one is going to vega not Renee grunting Grantham’s you know is that rule it’s like a 10 game show me new jet fighter it stings hands me Johnny but each gotcha just nail it love um I’ll tell you he’s good ten thousands of fifty thousand ten thousand ten thousand tweezers what though you have to split it four ways right I gave you that age it’s mine no sweeter Go.Pros gonna scratch it and I saw Brian are they scratched I’m so fucking Italy can you show me a row taiwan came up did you think I’ll just prove that’s fucking we do a highlight man my eyes beating what’s your baton to the Hoffman HIV in there look at him is thrown off by me the meridian doesn’t instantly that’s what we just done in the fast lane it was in the past man can’t thank you very much how long right read the back bro read the back and reread the back search hell I’ll read it search how to play scratch in toya read the whole thing they area that’s what you did you yeah match three dollar amounts gold play area let’s fucking to a wall and automatically win the dollar amount tickets of ten thousand dollars or more must submit claim form by mail claim form supplied by Santa Claus wait wait thankful Oh winning tickets must be validated by anyways cuz oh listen to these sleep this is the best part of it when II tickets may not be kind anyway so forget about it anymore that’s hasty where’s the picture in this one please remember it’s from me let’s watch this. .

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