Funniest Scratchie Lottery Prank Part 3 Video

lottery prank


come before titanium is going where’s it going CJ husband yeah what everybody does yeah yeah poor Theo yeah yeah now say yes one you’re right Brian on Windows scratches but hey you’re gonna win two dollars or something email sent you are saved oh yeah bro and oh how do you get next page dude I no one wins on scratches couple 1000 3gp a full of shit a little hot no way okay I got 32 table yet their good juice give me sketchy give me this kush you I’m telling you I’m God’s mom problem taking all right I said boom chicken farm match three like i’ma show me one you want no shit hey wait we won we won we thought i’d add new shoes no way these shoes he won a my 10,000 no way read the back yusuf he mean no one of these scratches by shoving the back of it let me read it scratching Targo play area match three dollar amounts and automatically win that dollar amount see uh oh is that we done yeah oh good the 110 yeah yeah as one how does 5h down 58 there’s any two people you taught us okay you’re leaving that show the movement with me Shelly claiming instructions winning tickets of 10,000 or more must submit claim form bar mail claim forms supplied by Santa Claus all winning tickets must be validated by the Tooth Fairy and conform to her game rules winning prizes may not be claimed anywhere so forget about it all winners are losers and must have an excellent sense of humor holder must complete this portion in invisible ink this ticket is for and tempers Ernie softly I’ll me that’s gonna be on the hook look you guys waiting to get off ten thousand dollars or more must submit claim form by mail all right listen whatever is the same over claim form supplied by senticles hmm then just a simple but important all right let me read are all meeting tickets must be validated by the Tooth Fairy and be conformed to the wing father may not be playing anyway we’ve been tattooing Daniel what about the choices without nothing claimed anyway so forget about it or or all right I’m visit hard or all winners or losers and must have an excellent sense of humor ET on wanna shit brother spike hate the bucket all right my fate applause it has to be validated by the way good and she swear go getta boo she did you just feel how still filming that as it as a few okay come downstairs that oh my god who she’s off.


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