Funniest Scratchie Lottery Prank Part 2 Video

lottery prank


I don’t know just normal scratchy is this man emailing me in shit and 120 grand what 2020 21 match the amount and win that amount 20 20 20 bullshit dad daddy 1 2010 match 3 amount and we’re not a meal 20 20 20 Hunter you granddad so you go vols I’ll gave it to us 10 Luther vacaville design open 2010 what does I read back I with 20,000 instantly that’s it I wanna cuz I are look I just returned to download in the everyday you don’t you’re not supposed to scratch this I didn’t know sorry scratch all of them right what is it twenty thousand twenty thousand and twenty thousand I’ll read Ivan region lucky they welcomed a you’re not supposed to scratch it yeah you otherwise was actually named the serial number Razorbacks notice doesn’t matter look it says how to play scratch entire gold dollar know if winning tickets off ten thousand dollars or more must submit claim form by my way okay claim forms are supplied by Santa Claus Mary and confronted game rooms who’s Liza’s my not be claimed anyway so I forget about it all winners are losers hahaha Eddie few Joseph.


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