Funniest Lottery Ticket Prank Ever **Kid Goes Nuts Thinking He Won The Lottery** Video

lottery prank

For some reason, both of my nephews loved the idea of winning the lottery. Now, leading up to this, Mikey has been trying to pull weak pranks on me with fake snakes, fake parking tickets and we kept telling him to let the jokes happen naturally. At one point, you can see me high five him and ask “Who’s the best?”. I set him up perfect for this one and he knew after that I mean “Who’s the best at prank wars?” lol So for Christmas this past year I gave mikey one of those fake winning lottery tickets. I told him he can’t get the master. lol After giving him the lottery tickets (a few were real) . . this is what ensued. . . .

damn it Michael this on you buddy we got to do what’s match number or match mo that’s number one what was that again Michael wait yeah Justin oh oh they tricked you one what’d it say what do you want a hundred dollars or ten thousand that’s not looking too good that’s number two do you have to 100 no all the odds are pretty slim the winning it in anyways Michael can you verify that please no you got it Mike you won 10 grand who’s the best who’s the best yes yeah how do we claim it we gotta go put that the same or something and yeah take it down to the lottery place tomorrow so what does it say we do where’s it at all right Rita where do we go where do we go read it out loud all of us yeah yeah is it in Phoenix maybe claim whenever lottery tickets are sold winning tickets must be a new person for the money fairy 123 nowhere drive and make we’d win.


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