Funniest Lottery Prank Ever ( Must Watch !!!!!) Video

lottery prank

Prank my Aunt, I feel bad afterwards.

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what God welcome to my zone so today I am about to prank my aunt I’m about to tell her that she wants I have some scratch offs that I bought from Amazon and i’ma let her scratch them off filter that you have better luck than me I’m a scratch off one mine is gonna be a winning winning but I’m an act like I lost so she’s gonna scratch the next one off and she’s gonna win but I don’t want to give away too much I’m about to call it to see what she had so I can oh well during a she finish work at 3:00 so she put me on body shop okay auntie where are you okay I’m upstairs I’m actually cleaning up I’m actually cleaning up I’m up I think it’ll work today oh gosh off of me wait the way my deposit hey your lastly a win something oh hi scratch off with me wish I knew what we’re selling no mention of your special it’s like up to five okay so then we’ll wait out the fire I just want to stand Guarnere one minute epoxy if it was all on a nose question have to get away boy not to be a rear entry length of another that’s $5,000 Walter we couldn’t be coming up potential really ever you can watch your life and with summer we can talk about money this will appear central central window this is wind through yeah that’s sixteen right there okay oh well the Murray this book oh yeah yeah and the car for you I did we can work the scene yeah look at me right so knowing I’m going to get it takes I to judge yes ago so what we have a manager tomorrow all right I’m clear oh yeah my just magistrate never be doesn’t mean took it outside help me to my car i’ma win this mo here well I really might nothing you ask everybody to get up again I can beat our darlin yes Tina already say much to your life your way today tomorrow yeah one minute NWC oh no of the block right there don’t call me sir no I have another boy good who you talking to me by motorbike um yeah what is like you happy yes together or couch but I’ll take it out I do it and I don’t win nothing before like $20,000 that you don’t feel sorrow and still be a donkey we’re not gonna cut that person here thank you so my dad will be able to come over all of nothing’s women I’m sorry what you see auntie all them is win if you like it it’s rank you know I’m crying right now if you liked this video don’t forget to subscribe follow me in Instagram Acula zone until next time more pranks to come you.


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