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lottery prank

Please watch: “Call of Duty WWll: How to not get shot!! (no glitch)” –~–
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all right what’s up guys we’re out here at the mall we just ate ice or subways are very healthy all day every day I mean in my phone camera cuz i forgot my other camera at David’s house which yeah but I look at this papi chulo real quick not close for the hose post of the hose but I he’s looking good give her a little kiss for the rs oh come on come on where’s polo marseille say hello to the geez what they do pump is the ball right here looking good all day every day oh yeah nobody you gotta say Oh mommy you’re wrong all the future awesome dolls greaseless yeah we were holding each other I will see how your house bus what’s up guys out here to gym put a grand don’t stop I hear of my boy so was good i think it’s like dying but uh yeah well do it 15 minutes mb five minute bicycle and then our we’re doing what shoulders or what shoulders and legs today and then after i do shoulders like that i’m gonna do another five minutes of an intense cardio not sure feels like some brother bushi i don’t know what it is but uh yeah i’ll be a blog on our workout today so stay tuned alright so weird or what I work out we had a pretty good reps in the least 15 min are getting a massage massage chairs I already horribly watches the real worst live and nu saw dias in your soul yeah or internal tienes would have made its run I got there were about to go eat i’ll show you what we’re gonna be right back with a two brothers was uh where are you / chopper god yes again but you know it’s healthy but it’s pretty expensive but i guess sugar caesars rounded to water you got a ticket seen inside it what’s up on black bees and a corn some water water water water that’s all you need your brother’s just what they are we about a burn shock drop out but their work so stay tuned shows up guys were here at bestbuy oh this is a tripod oh forget um which i used to have but I lost the top piece and without the top piece y’all don’t have anything they can’t hold the camera so when I go half and half 15 15 is 30 bucks not that bad but one day I’m gonna get this for you guys obviously you know get those beautiful hot shots how multiple cameras i have everything just for you guys to get the best quality of the best you know just the bus every week well yeah just stay too to keep watching I got you not gonna quit are you guys choo choo choo talkin okay there you can’t get her oh my god you wouldn’t believe this shit Oh God oh alright so we bought it so ready for tomorrow so hope you guys enjoyed you would have believed was here with me saddle blog with the bluff give me kisses giving it oh you soo oppa do so cute up she’s too cute guys look at her she’s such a big girl but like still so little but she’s such a cutie pie look at her look II just look at her face look at it look at it whats up guys today is Saturday it’s officially two o’clock right on my way to pick up Ashley we’re gonna head to David’s house and that’s where the price gotta go down so by the time you guys are watching this later on tonight I will be editing the prank hopefully we get the reaction we get you know we want obviously but we don’t you know whatever we fail we do another prank and we’ll put that up for you guys but everything’s ready got my cab Rose got everything set so let’s hope for the best see you guys a little bit hey guys just got home Oh what the chilis cut off a lot he’s horrible went to chilis were ashes family on the prank was successful but the most supportive shot that capture phase reaction kind of blurred out its disappointment I know I’m still going to post it up for you guys all the latest monday night but uh you know and the first was not going to be perfect but now we’re going to have more pranks government’s you guys and they’re going to be successful so stay tuned aqui watching like subscribe do you think.


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