Fake Tattoo Prank+Fake Lottery Prank (On Mom) Video

lottery prank

Hope you guys enjoy this video!! 15 likes for doing this I know you guys can! Also come bacl next Monday for another dope video.

thank you so you guys can talk got a haircut everything they hooked it up at our Tom barbers let’s jump back into the past just so you guys can watch that right quick all right thank you I just jump back into the future we’re back in normal time and if you guys didn’t watch her news vlog he bought fake scratches fake lottery scratches and I bought her and I kept one of them actually I bought a real scratcher today I then recording any of that but I bought one I’m having my mom scratched the fake one the winning one and I’m a scratch the real one and we’ll get her reaction those scratches come on if things you won’t fight thousands look 5,000 5,000 5,000 later match any three amounts to win why you want 5,000 on my links you want 5,000 right here oh yeah she went fuck my usual 5,000 thousand and fifty five thousand I think so IV saline match any three amounts to win this is five thousand five thousand or five thousand Wow you won’t five thousand the press there we go nah it’s a prank of my that was that prank I’m gonna get a hand attach it right here on my arm I’m gonna get like a floor attack floral type of print or something like that right there right here on my arm I’m at UH moments of real tattoos so let’s get her guys process the hand after it’s done I’m a prank my mom i’ma tell her it’s a real tattoo we’re gonna get her reaction thank you okay so I’m inside my mom’s outside watering her plants like her garden everything but here goes the tattoo and everything it’s the finished product the moment she comes inside I’m gonna bring her into this room i’ma tell her that I got a real tattoo and hopefully she acts reacts good I’m gonna get my grandma’s reaction right now or in a little bit too I must tell her that I got a tattoo I need a way for it to dry a little longer just so I could like peel off good and everything I won’t have like bouncing and everything push out to my brother though he don’t pay for those on me seven bucks Sam you got anything to say there’s like I got some more posterior rifle all right thanks shout out to him for getting me pellet for my gun okay so the henna dried up and everything like this how it looks now it’s like an orange color I didn’t know hand let’s do this I didn’t think it turned orange I thought I was gonna stay like a dark color so I’m I have my sister or my brother’s wife or girlfriend trace over it so I could look dark so I could look like a real tattoo cuz right now it looked orange and I’m a prank my mom and my grandma saying it’s a real tattoo and everything okay so for the prank my sister gave me a really good idea she told me she told me like instead of coloring it with black like that she told me to just tell my mom it’s a colored tattoo like an orange color tattoo Tom Mc.Cullar was 150 I my seller my brother paid for it but I’m okay I’m back to mark like I’m gonna get money tomorrow so yeah I’m gonna tell her to color tattoo or orange tattoos like a tribal something I don’t know I’m gonna make something up and I hope this this prank goes good man to be honest you know we take longer when they pick me up from school today the point you know we took long alright we take you know we take longer than normal to get you okay Sam we went to a store I don’t know if you’re gonna like this door I told them if you get paper it but I’m with them back tomorrow you know my dad doesn’t any money nah no mom look don’t touch it it’s red it’s red it’s healing time Wow if you don’t touch it don’t touch it it’s nighttime no yeah no you can’t cut it off cut it up it’s nice huh no oh my god I mean I’m in Port Augusta to Pathak alright guys so how’s this week’s video I hope you guys enjoyed it it was really funny pranking my mommy nice to have the hand out here but my sleeves down a little really funny pranking my mom with this and pranking my grandma and also pranking my mom with a fake lottery ticket and I feel bad enough is like I was 5000 and then like a fake tattoo prank on her son I’m only 15 binary’s come back next week on Monday like for sure Monday cuz I was supposed to pose yesterday but I didn’t I like I got to hand out late yes late today now yesterday so anyways just come back next week for another Dell vlog it’s gonna be lit and yeah since since these are like weekly vlogs I’m trying to upload every single week once a week every Monday at 3:30 p. m. so just come back every Monday I’ll have a double video for you guys.


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