Fake Scratch Off (Prank) Video

lottery prank


you listenin air Wanda if you want where I deceived do anything on that one huh hey you watch out my baby from truth check them out Thanks yes you did Wow there’s 10,000 oh you got a half that’s right there’s three of them you sure look look there’s 10,000 and my glasses on look there’s ten ten ten no I’m not Wow yeah they’re three of a kind there’s 10,000 there 10,000 there and 10,000 there where’s your glasses get her purse he’s right he’ll take it that’s what’s on here that’s here that’s real like amount win that look should I know I don’t have my glasses on but you’re right killer I can’t believe that am I getting half of it you get some of it do I get some I will share we will have a party and rent a hall grandma it’s a fate I still love you I don’t know if you love me though how did you buy something like that.


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