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what’s up guys oh my god this is my first video so I’m super excited so this is what I’m gonna do sorry I’m hot as balls too um anyways so I called up a friend by the way this is gonna be a prank video okay I called up a friend I said hey like let’s record the smash and pass video music yeah okay cool whatever whatever but I also got fake lottery tickets so we’re gonna go ahead and I’m gonna prank him these are the real ones and then this one’s the fake one so let’s see how this goes um I’m excited the only thing that I’m like worried about is he plays this shitt like all the time and this one kind of looks a little fake but once I received it in the mail I was just like whatever like we’re just gonna go with it whatever happens happens and then yeah so let’s see what goes down and how he reacts so I’ll see you guys when I get there I don’t trust the way you say how you wanna clean up after your mistakes I do in the face and it’s just not to say how many guys I’m at the gas station right now so I’m just gonna buy the real tickets and buy like gum or whatever just kind of make it more real that this prank is like gonna be so hard I don’t know but like gonna dollar John’s she just bought one $5 one yeah well shit you just sharing a wealth not a wack as good as their downs you know what let me see oh no that’s too baby nothing at all oh look let me see let me see let me see yours real quick why let me see his real quick why you see what’s going on what happened what happened what happened yo what happened yeah hold up what oh wait $10 Oh 10,000 there’s no way I don’t believe it there’s no way there’s no dollar ones don’t ever do this I was like hey that’s winning that amount yeah let me see yours like like I’m like I didn’t think I didn’t think I’m like oh I looked at it I’m like that’s not right so that’s why I was like not in this shit and then I’m like you’re like you don’t I’m like I don’t think so I’m like I’m like and wild ya know cuz I’m like I’m like yo you got dollar ones I’m like oh shit what is so how do you like clean money for the gas station I got a garage loser there’s a it’s too late to go today yeah you where’s yours that was my first prank first prank she got me I’m glad I didn’t get that excited straight up yeah collect your your prizes maybe claimed at your mama’s house by using the claim form supplied by the Tooth Fairy yeah I’m glad I didn’t get that excited that’s all I can say only in your dreams yeah all winners are subject to people laughing at you oh my god I was so nervous that this prank wasn’t gonna go as planned how did she like freak out like like I normally will with it yeah you did get me she got me it was a good one I didn’t know about it nope no clue I’m glad of it really freaked out about the money oh my god that was so funny first prank down that was a good one I got you that’s good even though he was trying to downplay I got you you guys either get you yeah I’ll give you that yeah I’m like why don’t I have that I was like let me see yours it’s not trying to see yours I was like something’s wrong yeah I’m like yeah that’s why did you tell me know how wasn’t good act I wasn’t paying attention to it yes I was like yo I don’t win shit yeah I’m like whatever oh my god how funny okay guys I’m about to end this vlog I know he is super low key mad but whatever that’s life get over it it’s one big happy prank no not really go ever anyways just gonna end the vlog remember comment like and subscribe and comment below I don’t know comment anything you want see you back with more videos.


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