Fake Lotto Ticket Prank – Gone Horribly Wrong! Video

lottery prank

Josh got Jim a fake lotto ticket for his 23rd birthday.

thank god everybody is ok

oh all right today’s Jim’s birthday or third jam happy birthday what up Jim happy birthday man Suk Jin Eppie 23rd man there’s nothing else I know what’s supposed to be deal down did you see mailing I probably was a presbyterian no way babe logically he’s gonna think you won no yeah I wish to see when money I win it’s like ten million dollars he’s gonna freak out you just gonna fucking fun dude it’s freaking day that’s cool it’s cool man Ted to 10 w is happy birthday Jim yeah this is the microwave so be ready come please Oh puts a piece of the microwave man cheer of blood come on man that’s your present new presents me come on jabo let’s go fuck yeah jeez open it don’t break it babe like young man oh look yeah jerk off cream is here so you could take the hat off zone thanks man yes oh hey no problem dude that’s a bit some good stuff enough from salon you know the lady works fine yeah yeah Christina and Christina Jim I get some good present for you right here where’s that water yeah well a lot of tickets cream no good luck yeah I know no chance me come on zero oh yeah I got one duck to a pump never got this far it’s going but I never would work season holy shit it’s good on Jimmy uh hip i won yeah it says it right I got the three ducks how much it says seven ten ten million bullshit ten bucks you owe me 10 million down yes amazing that’s were they ever already come we guys guys guys get you I gotta say something I gotta say so are actually Jonah to you thank you so much I had this on my mind you know what Jim what I’m gay I’m gay guys yeah yeah yeah thank you net current use van don’t worry about that don’t worry about that uh but uh Wow oh shit what I gotta call my mom I gotta call my mom yeah there’s gonna tell him Tom what yes do you serve caseros dude where did he actually Wow yeah no way no he’s not yeah it’s fake you get I got fucking tickets really the fuck is she’s gonna walk again my god dude what what is it okay this is another way to dance oh that million amazing amazing Josh maybe you should tell them you know because you what before things get too out of hand I think that’s the idea $10 Josh tell them in hey buddy what’s up Josh tell him tell him tell him tell me I’ll split it with you take it hey it’s like just like the real ones I mean if you’re fucking me yeah it’s real funny oh that’s funny I see it I get it that’s fine oh yeah no it’s totally he’s that money hey you know what no a well you guys are you just cover here for you it is kind of weird where are you it’s really cool dude you know just we gotta get everything leave which I’m just yeah just just freaking out hey that’s okay then yeah what’d you do let’s see I knew that is a horrible idea it was a whore money really know what is that yeah no no Jim anyway you know we should probably say yeah you should stay Jim no Jim I think we should say sorry man that’s just a joke it kind of hit me the wrong way it’s different I got a calming room yeah Johnny’s got always call Chile any hot could we find out that was it just give him up just you just needs a minute ago no we just your phone needs a man to calm down it’s your fault you saw I know do you see that we should’ve said in there you see what it said will you smile and I did you got to get in there deep just a good time yeah fuck we’re gonna do it unlock the door Jim Quan don’t you got another job if you hadn’t won there Sam I brought you using the heart I’m doing thread he had a fucking gun and sound okay dude I’m Papa’s go I’m sure he’s not going to okay he’s a friend you got to go in there he’s mad Jim we’re coming in dude it’s quiet vomit on three on three you’re going in first cuz it’s your fault look at my fucking chip dip yeah for you.


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