Fake Lottery Tickets Prank !!! Video

lottery prank

I finally got my revenge on royalty for her cutting my hair and it was when she least expected it! As usual, I had fun doing the video for you guys hopefully you guys enjoy it!!

what’s happening with packing cool kids it’s your butt season so cool man and guess what we are about to prank royalty me incarnation just like it was royalty incarnation are together right now because the kids are at school and royalty is upstairs sleep now I already previously bought these lottery tickets scratch offs from spin sense yeah fake lottery tickets so they are all supposed to be winners is five tickets and all in here I’m gonna give him all the royalty all of them and we’re gonna watch her scratch them up and she thinks she’s just winning all this money now mind you guys I’ve already went to all the gas stations that we live by accident they would be willing to participate in this prank and all of them talking because there are corporate stores they are not willing to participate so basically with that being said I was gonna have road to go up in the gas station and we actually record her getting pranked by the gas station clerks but since they don’t want to do it before we can actually get into the gas station I’m just gonna have to reveal that it’s a prank to royalty but of course hopefully by then she’s already super excited and about time I really was a prank she gets pissed off because she’s already had these thoughts of which she was gonna do with the money you know how it is anyway carnation you ready wait I couldn’t hear you ready carnation says she’s ready now I’m sure you all saw she was very ready to prank me got my hair cut off ball which is why I actually have this nice haircut design now now anyway we’re about to open the garage cuz we’re just getting back home from the gas station quote unquote picking up these tickets lottery tickets follow yeah gasps I was thinking if you win right if you win I’ll record it put it on I’ll get the cam I’ll be back can you put on it’s got some oh yes I can see match three like amounts with ring that amount hundreds of mourners yeah when I saw hundreds of winners I was like well maybe we can be 110 thousand CJ yeah right amounts when that amount so I gotta scratch off the grief no I picked this sir you can scratch off all of them in as long as they is three of them match you have to scratch off all of them what’s that one say $25 anyway but I mean I already sent out you got a scratch off all of them Realty all of them have to give scratching you have to match three what the does that say I wanna see look see look see look match three one two three this is a women what the I cannot believe I got this on camera they’re just way where did you get these from at the gas station carnations playing shoes shoes whoa Wow royalty I think you need the hair you like I think we just want 10,000 I think we just wanted thousand dollars baby I matched three again kidding me up to 15,000 in two cars baby we’re winning royalty it looks to me like we won fifteen thousand and two cars nation you always cheat how the heck did you do that this one says went up to 5,000 keep scratching and stop reading hey no one cares what you say is just scratching and see what happens baby another $5,000 Wow I do see it Chrissy what the hell I just told him to give me five random ones that’s a good seed you pay for these only like three dollars each only $3 each this is crazy baby I think this says another 5,000 I know you mine it’s not another $5,000 I matched three again so how much are you waiting I was 510 wait didn’t you have a car that made you win ten thousand and this one is another where’s the $10 just get dressed I’m excited as you are I’m just thinking excited as you are oh let me catch throw to you let me let me wait no like let me catch them please bro T let me catch him I’ll take the ten ones and you can take this loyalty that’s twenty thousand in your hand right now and you’re gonna give me like 15 you give me fifteen thousand and a thirty five dollars baby we have to go to the store right now nation you want to come down with me and get ready I can’t believe she just moved that’s thirty five thousand baby yes you are rich I’ll be back baby I’m leaving you come on they say we gotta catch this my name we’re gonna get this money I’m not getting new swag oh I couldn’t wait are you all gonna get lucky today when I bought those cards I knew something about those cards have luck all over them and I was right we didn’t want 35,000 get a new haircut with dad yeah boy Rosie please hurry up darling I’m getting sick and tired of waiting I woke up today broke and now I got 35 thousand waiting on me come on well you always say that the hate is me new beginning right those are mighty goes up went up there so you’re not gonna let me go in there and catch them in for you what what store sees you I went to the neighborly gas station neighborhood gas and I did not have to go far guys me incarnation we went right up the street she had it that’s the thing they right then it came from my ice cream even nation right he is right now 20 bands right here yeah you do have to go to the right to the right to the right mmm I got 15 the only winner yeah you don’t know when I think about all the tickets that was winners I can’t believe this I’ve never played a scratch off ticket lottery before maybe this is why I got so lucky have you I’ve never been this lucky my life when I won those big money right here you guys you understand i want i’m ticketed 35 pounds this is a satanist a tumor yeah more because this is where I got them from Yeah right there all right now take them on there you can go cash in my okay catch you catch all those odds wait right here I know what you say nation she’s gonna give you a dog oh yeah I’m gonna record you know it’s just something I gotta tell you worthy what um those tickets let me see one of them wait maybe uh wait uh baby hey baby royalty no seriously you need to come Rosie no yeah I’m tripping over no Rosie don’t don’t Rose it’s prank it’s a prank it’s a prank Rosie it’s a prayer it’s a prank royalty it’s a prank I’m serious it’s a prank royalty no no no no no but the thing is you forgot to look on the back see it on the back it says a little bit something about odds of winning zero out of ten thousand you will never win off these cars these are fake baby I got these from Spencer’s I’m so sorry but you cut my hair really rip you cut my hair you cut my hair you got attitude right now you’re gonna have to cuz you got past seriously about to go inside the story I didn’t let you I didn’t let you manage it because I knew I was pranking oh I’m sorry don’t get mad at me I you is not rich you a long way from rich you still broke bro ah hey my camera I don’t leave me what the hell royalty I’m not playing with you i’ma get in the back I’m getting him back bat me in yeah cool kid now a lot of you guys know saying things like cut her hair off cut her eyelashes off put her eyebrows off I read the make her think she got money she was almost in speedy Mart she was almost in speedy Mart now she thinks she got money I’m G you wish I cut your hair no at least you didn’t do that yeah like you did to me dang I thought I was that 20 bands what’s the outfit you like I figured like this is the last prank you expected me to do how could you fake lottery tickets right how could you fake lottery tickets you can’t fake them so I was like well if this if I get these dispensers they better be authentic look wow it took some paint but the lights so I got that started teed up all these well back we got the real cool kids over here.


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