Fake Lottery Ticket Prank*Must Watch!* Video

lottery prank

Sorry I left for a while back on the uploads.

what’s going on guys here is your black so bring us a new video and today’s videos gonna be a banger off tops so my step that is upstairs he’s in the room chillin and I’m gonna be doing the fake lottery ticket prank on him because my mom is cooking that she’s gonna tell him to come downstairs so I’m gonna give him a fake lottery ticket see if he wins cuz I got three I’m gonna use one on him hopefully it works and the other two I’ll see who I used some on but stay tuned and hopefully we could get a good reaction so peace guys this is like the best reaction I’ve ever got if you haven’t yet leave a like leave your opinion in the comment section if you guys want more pranks on him just let me know and just don’t forget to subscribe because 40% of you guys watching and subscribe so please subscribe they don’t mean a lot and see you guys Sunday peace.


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