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lottery prank

By Dj Mustard)

from I think I think we won’t find geez bro what’s up guys arey Jade back again with another video and before I start strong guys I want to start out by saying thank you to each and every single one of you who hit that subscribe button who liked commented and share the video I feel the support I feel the love so I want to give it back by giving you my first and your first prank video the reason why I am excited nervous anxious about this video is because I’ll be pranking my best friend and he knows me really well so hopefully I can get a mom I will be pranking him with these are these are these lottery tickets that I got online I don’t even know what’s going to use right now at this point so he thinks were coming he’s coming over for a challenge and it’s the spicy wing challenge that’s what we talked about so he’s it’s it’s just gonna be out of the blue frame you’re not gonna expect it then hopefully we can get a dope reaction that’s basically my goal right now and hopefully you splits that cheese with me so we don’t waste too much time let’s get into the video let’s see if I gotta go pick them up right now as a matter of fact so I can’t wait let’s get into it like the squad follow squad share the squad you guys are the squad let’s get sup guys just picked up my best friend Vic we’re on our way right now to go stop at the store get a couple of a couple of drink real quick and after that we’re gonna head on over to Buffalo so we’re not gonna waste too much in time we’re gonna get right into the video after it a quick video just just a little bit of your time boom hi guys this is our first video together so I mean we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re just gonna take you guys inside we’re just gonna get a couple I’ll leave you I’ll leave you here with the camera I’ll leave you here with my subscribers quick alright so I’ll be shy yeah I got some love I got you right there but alright be safe well anyways I’m Vic Montez you know I’m Eric’s best friend been best friends since I damn I’d say like fourth grade third grade shit we go way back I have my own channel but I’m just ready starting as he is I also do music like singing rap but other than that if you not follow me on twitter follow me on Twitter at big multi 7 you know you’ll find me there for sure and look he’s back right away hello and he’s back huh what’s up guys you’re man enough they gave them by now nerd buzzing she forgot him in the counter he’s already going either he going in you want an easy one so you heard that the lotteries for the devil the Golding go dig okay so you know for later up upcoming challenges you know we got you know different ideas but at the same time you know we want you guys to send us ideas you know of anything you know there’s anything you guys want us to do with it you know go ahead and just come in and go ahead and subscribe and turn on your notification to my boy I’m telling you this videos are gonna be just straight flyer like you know like no joke got the gold digger yo Peter Piper tokens baby Peter Piper tokens so much it’s sitting like if you get like five in a row then I kiss you if I book you see no uses match three months full of 300 uses what mine says match three like amounts once Mars got six so use uses match three months to win that you are said you weren’t like yeah sick okay from Jesse yeah yeah Australia or oh hey you’ve really got a sketch knees and he’s talking saying working for getting so nine and I got you got to straighten up always I’m doing it no money I saw you buying tickets vote count good to fight no that’s a five thousand that’s five g’s that’s fine dog yeah but I got it like if I wouldn’t have got admission from these two alright so this is what happened senior one more you see over here stays win five thousand I had to five thousand mean what I say went up to five thousand right he says I gotta get three one two I got two right here if I wouldn’t have gotten this one any of these no bro you you scratch everything off online tickets but you don’t meet you it doesn’t work like that that’s a rookie mistake that’s how you not I don’t play lottery I don’t be wearing either so I mean don’t even trip I’m all about that I’m all about that Mexican bingo my mama I do I do be winning on being like five points to him Eagles beat there is a shout out to anybody who’s a Chicago Bears fan if you are a Chicago Bears fan and you follow my channel visit on the Chicago Bears fan match three I can see wasted by winning prizes one dollar five dollars twenty five fifty maybe claim to every lottery tickets are sold winning tickets of 100 more must be sent by mail bro well you got five g’s dawg yo don’t worry sure well I do with nothing on my ticket hold up bro let’s go back let’s go we gotta go back yeah what are we doing oh dang what is the odds right now that I’ve never been when I should be vlogging and this happens damn it I’m checking the back right now I’m gonna play with you but I just bought those tickets off that dude and he looks I mean he’s like what did you leave and I’m like I left my my card on the floor then he’s like hold on man be careful man gonna lose all your money he says best three months but I don’t know if like mansion like next to it or what no no you just have to match three period watch that’s the guy inside real when you get Thank You Road dang dang wrong trippin I’m like like right now if they gave us a like one of those tickets they’re like accidentally printed out wrong I’m gonna be mad all right guys the ticket it worked you know he’s going over there right now he thinks we won the $5,000 I hate to do it to him but I mean you know I had to it was for you guys so that’s not that’s a name he’s gonna make a move so hold up oh my god hold up I need to turn this thing around I think I just bought 5 tickets from that dude bro all right so it’s over there go get it all right so we’re just happening I went and I took him the ticket and he said that they don’t show those tickets there and he was telling me what was fake I was like that’s not fake my friend just bought this here so you know we actually do ought to find out you know it’s actually going on and that’s what happened I don’t we’re about to find out like he’s there though but yeah you know that’s crazy if we did win what happened what happened we have Butterfinger only tell me write the number down whatever I don’t mean just give me the number to call why can’t he just give me the money he said you have to call this number says in the back to call the number good watch read it is it so do I just call the number I don’t read the official it stays waiting prices may be clean wherever the lottery tickets are so winning tickets at 100 or more must be sent from I think I think we won’t fight geez bro all right winning tickets of 100 or more must be sent by mail or in person to the money fairy once III know we’re driving make believe in and that’s it only in your dreams any resemblance or real implied lottery ticket is what makes it this ticket is for entertainment purposes only shit is a very dog I had to do it I had to do it really channel bro I had to do it then what just happen to him what just went down because you know Frank went the way I planned it was insane it was good as we talked about before in the video so give it a thumbs and it was believable cuz I mean he literally drove all the way back here I was like damn you know candy this is happy day alright guys so um we’re gonna go buy the wings we’re gonna get into this challenge that we talked about earlier and we bought these hot wings.


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