Fake Lottery Ticket Prank!!!!!!!! Video

lottery prank

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all right so I got to fake lottery tickets I meant it to my brothers right now I’m scratching this one you scratching this one I’m gonna pretend like I didn’t win anything and he’s gonna win $10,000 and I don’t know if this is gonna go through but we’re gonna see his reaction so I’m excited I hope you guys are excited I’m a little tired it’s like I woke up like an hour ago it’s like really early in the day it’s like 5:00 p.m. right now so that’s the only time to wake up what 10,000 10,000 more I got this where I bought that though no let’s go it’s closed a gas station grows well you lose it this ticket is for entertainment purposes only thank you huh freak yeah I mean at least you got a free dollar sky top right hey are you mad so the video when it was it was actually really good I didn’t expect him to do that I thought he was gonna know it’s fake but apparently he didn’t so I’m super glad at that do I feel bad absolutely that’s why I’m here at a White Castle I’m getting the milkshakes because I’m saying sorry also I’m celebrating but I don’t that’s funny like I actually enjoyed LA this is the first of many it was so funny just watching that but thank you guys for watching the video there will be so much more but I just wanted to say if you go back through some of my videos I have deleted some because I felt weird in cringy because I was it was weird the vlogs were just weird because I felt like when I was recording I just had to watch so much like not to cuss not to do this idea but I don’t care anymore fuck it but a lot of videos are gone and deleted but some are left but this is like different from starring now on but I hope you guys liked this video and thank you so much for watching. .

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