Fake Lottery Ticket Prank!!! Video

lottery prank

I had to prank my cousin with this lottery ticket. Hilarious reaction. 1

what is up you gotta have princess to shake your back within media and today I’m doing the freaking prank on someone that works for my dad I’m at the student home he like basically like let’s help him build it okay so he she’s my cousin I think I think he’s my cousin Lauri founded a fake lottery ticket prank on him because I did the prank in a while and this is going to be funny I know he got I know he’s going to um how a girl reaction so I bought one actual lottery ticket from the store already and then I got these fake ones off of Amazon okay so so yeah when I further do let’s get into the freaking video oh let’s do it let’s go quick thumbnail real quick Oh okay now I will set up now I’m only way I’m only going to give him two because I feel like it’s going to be obvious it’s like a whole bunch of them look I’m ER if he wins a lot of them okay so we’re going to do this thing I’m only giving him one fake one and one room one way one up to 5,000 went out to 10,000 let’s do it let’s do it I’m doing the won $10,000 right there I will leave the 5,000 for somebody else okay put the rest in the back and let’s do this time yeah I keep this bellavita Ruby a39 in the same room maybe I should start with a left wing that’s not a pig or always know what’s wrong with these tickets today out of date BS % you to grade which mean it never exist you don’t put it but nobody gave plenty they didn’t they walk past and get angles giving me they say huh I love you get my own pot but I feel like coffee listen he can not the bus up a we see you try nothing but look laughing now I’m just happy for you want to that anomaly right here if you win over $1 got to be sent in or mailed in person if you’re wondering all right Drive what those two money Russell going else if I gave a I really like 5050 of course we can write I will be you clap out for me let me not gonna get so you never know what is the milk or think of these omegas if I hear come up telling else alright if you wanna go include I’m agreeing on good they wrote it some whisper tickets I don’t know with you anymore and it won’t hurt drinking I just hope he had outdated but we will do them differently I’m not doing we’ve said you quality with anything wanna come up in Makaha india ferrah always wear dress to do oh wow I can show you this not here you a good number work whenever playoff on oscillation dress official again this one you get up slip some yeah not worry about I believe it I’ll believe in either move it along yeah thank them quickly know what regrettably to disaster the motor lossless it was my minister are you sure you don’t want the people or I like seriously give this crisis you notice it oh you sure are you hi this is ten thousand dollars of speaking out okay I know you and I am out you know we all did you yeah exactly are you positive you guys want to go on because you scratch it off so that’s it’s fair game MLB debut I know but uh yeah new topic alright gonna do oh no Peter law oh my god that’s what fight you don’t nobody consider this to be back Bertha was a prank say you know that was a prank you know you started believing it when I get to see the last Tyra yeah oh you read it already yeah I read the bet how you was playing along.


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