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hey you what’s going on guys Emma Stephen here so as you can tell by the title I am doing another prank this is gonna be the lottery ticket prank it’s gonna be so funny I can tell you actually this is gonna be like gold honestly like I can’t wait to see his reaction but basically I’ve got these lottery tickets they don’t fairly legit to be honest and then they they’re all winners they got like hundred thousand at each one and they’re basically gonna see his reactions for him winning a thousand like a hundred thousand sorry that’s a lot of money and others can’t wait brilliant guys probably do bidding can you drop a like on a video for more pranks as this took me ages because I need to get the right time when no one else is in the house it just took so long to film so hopefully you guys did enjoy and anyway this began guys so first of all I’m going to be 10 on vlogging going to the shop or something just to buy some food or whatever but then come back some lottery tickets and we’re going to ask him if she wants to open one so the way this cut that I saw yeah so guys basically I’ve just got back from the shop I’ve got these like lottery tickets my mate said that he won that conjured pound off it is quite crazy to be fair I look at these lottery tickets like my mate like one like hundred pound off of it apparently you do not open one why are we doing it well I’m vlogging but um Joe join um open one oh yes sweating pot it’s look the top prize is a hundred thousand is Sonia pandas were like what oh don’t you want to know I know you’re not gonna win so I let your par for you in he thinks he’s gonna win this joke ain’t gonna win alright so this is this is okey oh look one I want a court only get one step more like once shit you know city much free to witness for that after much afraid to my brother what that’s pretty twin that’s pretty doing yeah Wow and I went to what would you in his along 50 grand bucks where 50 got 5 that is 50 badly to win free to win show me again you know if that was your fifty ground give you 25 first place second I actually believe I actually believed you oh wait I don’t think it would work because like you when you opened it you said I didn’t see Jose and I think you’d won in a 150 grand if you’re all free oh no I’m Margo 51 is it much free so I want a 100 grand that’s what that meant or I know it says right you must be in possession of whom scraps God no that’s joke just something about Christmas chairs how to have fun yeah guys thank you got fucking troll so guys that was it for today’s video if you enjoyed drop a like on the video this aim for 600 likes because it took me so long to plan it out and like to get in the right moment his reaction was so funny so if you guys into a drop like for more pranks but anyway guys I’ll catch it Oh Patty’s got meditract but so tell me when to stop make sure the character see ya stuff are your diamonds ten of clubs oh oh hey actually wha what silent look at that’s on the floor what that’s disrespect by there what guys how do you do it comment down below and anyway guys.


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