Fake Lottery Ticket Prank Video

lottery prank


$100 right no he called their food now what’s scratching lottery ticket but if I could discuss a tick Sandra max whether he’ll answer is I just stretch what put you to sketch some awful ugly sketches to win I’m not a cortical let’s use my keys with just lakers laker cheese out there come on sketch it an angel you got a coin actually yelling I’ll give you my Lucky Penny many years of it no well they say let down who’s this when this gets the wrong signal did you win you didn’t even cover the main 100 there is no 8 honey go your angel food will all day too busy for library fucking country my food and my sister to infer that I make nothing for the woman shit with the quick stop take it easy hey no I pretty full week stop fucking Washington around them in one min 11 months 46 angel more cushion for the pushin car with my next oh shit you had there’s no pressure flat am sorry pressure yes honeybunch oh my god please be a 40 down there 45 year 1000 fuck your loss sorry for not what their food how’s it no no jiggle Joe no we get it figures oh no listen look we gotta take it somewhere to eat but nobody you can buddy though in the back no food I told you lucky lucky the bank’s we SE habrĂ¡ because it he said hey oh yeah we gonna take us to eat food I’ll bring my mom back I would a food by new chlorophyll take this out to eat you gotta take us out to eat at home town buffet oh my god no oh my god who I still can’t stop looking at it 10 G’s this new agent oh we first get me i was in 100 and then now I was like I was a thousand five and I don’t engine foo you gotta take us out to eat boo yeah good hmm how could you do me at the donut right oh yeah I was like heaven because I yeah yeah you did yeah now I deal’s a deal no but I could have been my $10,000 food oh my god wait you would 10 grand hog oh wait how do you get into it you go to the store i’ll be the best auto madhuri do we are loud we not love your IP this is marisa angle nervous price of 12 for 8 20 or 40 and a hundred maybe oh come on you’re very do this shit maybe claim your mama’s house or just fucking go what’s funny no the way you said if you just the way you said it that’s what those funny food oh my god wait how long does day for you to get it in ya wouldn’t read out loud hobby what to say ok it says a just too nervous to read nervous prizes of 12 dollars four dollars eight dollars twenty dollars forty dollars at nine dollars may be redeemed subject elimination by any retailer at it came centers will buy my own used to be claimed for 5,000 10,000 price and may be cleaned at your mama’s house or a dream for some force applied by the tooth baby please sign it we need to get claim to love people box set aside all prices must be clean the lady for 30 seconds after spectacle Carter you’re lying hey overall winners are circuit two people validating your dreams look all I this all prices must be clean no later than 30 seconds after she don’t take them out to email boo he’s gonna be sure to watch it let’s go let’s go in to try to catch it let’s go let’s go to the star food just to ask them let’s go to let’s go to the store food okay you know really funny that what that was just go to make sure our food that’s where I got it we gotta be sure on let’s go who’s on who’s ever huh.


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