Fake Lottery Ticket Prank Video

lottery prank

We pranked our soon to be brother in law as initiation into the family. His reaction was priceless!

hey guys so so we’re in Oakland right now we are on the way to go to Spencer’s and pick up these fake lottery tickets and we are gonna prank GP oh by the way that’s Nikki Mike and I’m Danny see you later hey guys are about to prank GP so we bought some fake lottery tickets yesterday and he thinks he’s about to win $10,000 sorry is it a so before we go we got four lottery tickets we gotta or for scratching them in the scratch job Hey there’s mucky or luck of the Irish high dollar casino cash gold digger ladies pick first one high dollar casino cash gold digger all right high dollar gold digger once $10,000 $25,000 possible winner I’ll be the Builder all right eyewitness must be gonna donate it to your channel that’s right that’s 5,000 yes three $5,000 icons no way let me see you know fuckin shit fuck your mastery of mouths prices I’ll be good when yeah I’m gonna be reading that right right that’s that’s right author zero in 10,000 him but if you scratch three alike you win what are you digging in that’s $5,000 holy shit that’s five g’s Elaine that’s $5,000 I should give this back to shit holy shit that’s $5,000 that’s $5,000 hold up your winner bro let’s see it that’s $5,000 rightful lady that’s $5,000 I won big time beauty gp’s big time vp how do you put up in a place far far away well I got these dogs there okay so we got noodles could be words it could have been them getting into a fight with fake blood all over the place yeah that was the initial plan and I was a terrible idea I just crying you guys are going yeah we love you I’m sorry that was an initiation into the family next time we see you getting married in less than 60 next time we see you you all will be married AF so if you guys liked this video please give it a thumbs up please like comment share and subscribe and we will see you next time.


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