Fake Lottery Ticket Prank!!!!! (She Cries) Video

lottery prank

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hello friends this big I’m gonna make like Dumbo increases let’s have a baby oh I feel so cool oh baby but I don’t get well gee oh no but she’s crack I know y’all heard that but today you guys already know by the title that it is another prank day from luck on today I am doing be on again latter a ticket prank so I got these from Amazon I got these actually a minute ago like a long was a long time ago and I was out today getting some Jamba Juice as you see I look like a bum looks gross I look like I just woke up and went outside which I basically kind of did and I was like you know what I’m gonna prank gamble today so I ran to the gas station and got some some la rica good so basically um obviously it’s kind of self explanatory I’m gonna give her these we usually we we played a lot of it a lot like we play it at least like once a week so I’m going to give him a lottery tickets to do I’m a guitar shake into a mall because sometimes do go back and forth sometimes you do them together it just depends but summer just let her do mom some chicken booze baby she went on the road one to know and some of them she gonna win so we will see what’s going to happen I’m gonna call her and yeah I’m pretty sure that makes sleeping right now I just came up here and my room real quick nothing to put all of you this girl yeah we take happy together ladies in a month one special occasion it’s because it’s on four days yeah sacred based on the headphones bad eggs sausages I can almost easy up time to the paper box horse dumb pickles you’re right come on move it up or what ah no baby fine that’s I’m right here alright but I doubt it I’m not talking about you and those dudes okay oh well haulers cars what fate I don’t know maybe I know you think we’re going to do Oh mostly library will use my cartography is your hands Christmas fuck hey baby once I can get Elba tonight about bags click up in the morning there man comes back lady I’m clothed baby I love you big drivers for zone right here I think we’re not going to first over didn’t it’s okay that cousin more puffy shirt no for you car this place next three laughing wait match three amounts and ways that about get a doper one that time s.Oooo huh baby baby baby up look look whoa whoa what one two three what Tommy Hunter Pence one two three 50,000 watches look oh you’re joking wait Mac stream out and win that amount get it okay and when that cognizant was $50 watching three columns in a row do it I just said okay Brooklyn oh hey first of all I we could put some and don t say bring ball vacation Oh baby baby I want fifty thousand dollars on your water honey no proof look it’s about a real heart so a thousand is silly me I’m guessing baby this is not a joke I fucking won I won the lottery I don’t know I want a lawyer before like a phone book of talocan I was looking looking at me like that it sounds good I want a lottery baby y’all up there this could be bad I told I’m gonna put some away forgot it with cool vacation put something off okay we go thank you might have know that patent on Shores so you know about an expansion here okay so excited I wanted all the biggest things I want $50,000 but thing we want 50,000 of you won $50,000 hello money and you need to visit other ones anyways so mark yeah why are you happy daddy I am very happy that’s crazy I’ve never heard of that in my life girls come on maybe maybe yeah oh my god I got home I gotta go you need to play the other ones to talk about it boom oh my baby pick your phone ask in the pool baby 50 G’s do know I’m never here you have your hot I don’t want these you play them know they are majority what did you know that you have a runner you baby Dicky jeez shun with it I don’t you tell me I just I’m really happy for you guys pickup Society oh my god now I already take those you can go to the gas station making you 50,000 I don’t know what I feel our ticket not a grandpa old it only happens in a freaking movie I think God says to me how do you see I’m in this much my mom my grandma I’ll be nice that would be nice loving let me fall expecting I’m so excited me too baby I’ll be excited please my overlook Oh baby I’m I’m happy that you won that money like I want you to keep it to yourself Oh Cheryl I mean like no I don’t want you to get to me but if Ellie shoots your mama’s husband baby baby 50 G’s I know I was on the toilet from here eww up say good thing we’re not so excited I might hopefully enjoy looking you sure y’all on them I’m you sure I just know in my heart which one shall I play next letter lucky seven bonus reveal a simple in with fog on this one 50 G’s I don’t want them you buddy no no wait okay no just a bonus okay for one of our beta this all means go bro this help over at all we should look cool today let’s alternate can you where do you have to turn I have no idea but I’m going to call around their clothes because it’s already like what hi oh girl you gotta fucking you got a big car don’t have any baby oh like Ryan do I really put my price but it doesn’t feel real yet until I get that money in mine is broke you know I don’t believe that you got $50,000 ready it should move it 50 G’s dude girl next three amounts and window no yes baby what no Big Freedia sweetest read the trainer every freak what did I say specially mountain what’s up what I’m sure of it not a tripping don’t know this is 75 75 fuck it down another 50 bucks a pop baby okay baby ourselves listen you baby baby yes you okay you okay yes I’m just so happy right now happy that’s a lot of money baby you go up have I don’t want have I don’t have I cannot believe it biscuit just angle like this k. V real like does don’t feel real at all my upper eyes open real it’s like sliding sliding platform in I love you oh it’s real oh I’m not just seeing oh my god I gotta go wake up I gotta tell ya hopefully I no no no no no no no no what if you watch the video in the future like I might recommend a lot educate what did you you’re fucking awesome wait what did you really cry what is dominate what did I just say I remember I said bodies hieronymus which is alone absolutely why don’t I do it what are you right now I see this shit if you drop behind it like it’s just a prank missile price that would make whoa whoa Dominic huh hmm Dominique here she go going on a roll with the big engine hmm baby what’s wrong let me see some prank things are you saying I think I I don’t play no down the groom I got somebody 5,000 I’m sorry littles a dope I would put the money in my head already okay I feel bad how did you get those who say they’re winning though let’s not confuse anyone boy you got those from Amazon okay that that you can be some real stupid in a minute here we go I’m gonna get you guys harder who better so whatever you all officers on the move okay cool yeah I’ve heard about it but you know what God got me okay I need to win a literary look Emma learning look you say you play only 500k tool on my bill okay don’t turn around okay I really just hold on myself why would I say that why would I say that I said some Bob Dominic watching this video when you get older I told you my skills thanks for watching that was an epic fail because I just had to tell myself but yeah thank you guys for watching is it well no spell because I’m freaking cried over it I freaked it was so happy and you dumbass down but it’s Gucci like I told Josh I’m coming back with it so it is what it is shoul I think that’s watching and we will see you next video bye I’m still amazed that double increases at Apple baby Oh grateful oh baby ballet donkey welcome Oh. .

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