Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On William!!! Video

lottery prank

After being told to not scratch it off, William believes he won the lottery after he scratches off a fake winning lottery ticket.

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we see the fun of the birthday card please oh my gosh lift lower just that is what’s a scratch off I know this was that a lottery ticket yeah well we will give that to Bill when we see him I guess it’s a lottery ticket for him for his birthday scratched off well we would give it to him I’m sorry he can’t be here to read the family no that’s my money hello everyone whoever watched our fan mail the other day saw that we were mailed the birthday card and with the birthday card was a lottery ticket but the thing is it was Bill’s birthday most recently but it’s male it says William on the envelope so there’s been a little bit of debate as to who the card is for because it’s not malanez birthday but it says William and what it was Bill’s birthday so we don’t know who it’s for but I think I don’t think it really matters because I read this ticket later on and it says this ticket is for entertainment purposes only it says claim form supply by Santa Claus all winning tickets must be validated by the Tooth Fairy who can conform to her game rules winning prizes may not be claimed anywhere so forget about it all winners or losers and must have an excellent sense of humor well William didn’t bother to read the back of the card he thinks it’s real I’m probably gonna give this to him and either tell him he wants to open it and I’m gonna tell him to bring it upstairs and leave it there first dad but I suspect that William is gonna want to open it anyways because he’s been fighting me and fight me over it and I’m gonna let him open it and see if it indeed is the so called winner and it’ll be funny to get a reaction out of him because it’s not a real ticket it’s will stage what it’s worth I’m not sure what its gonna stay I’m gonna have it hopefully he’ll scratch it off flat turn on the camera Sally back okay so I told Andy about the ticket and he’s gonna go along with this I’m just hoping Williams gonna want to open just gonna want to scratch the ticket himself because I know how he is he doesn’t want his dad to have the ticket so here we go there we go get down here Wow I just need you to come get something from me I need you to come get something from me I need you just to come get this um I just can you Shh I don’t want you to wake your dad up can you just come get this lottery card and leave it next to your dad’s bed stand so he can scratch it when he wakes up come down and get it from me come down and get it from me come and get it from me I’ll shoot oh did you Lacey go up the steps me you know I can’t all the way down in here here just go to your dad I’m gonna no no wait get that to me give it to your dad yo you’re you’re gonna give it to your dad William give it to your dad give it to your dad my Lucky Penny when you come one I think that was meant for your dad it says William I think it was Mike for your died well I think it was meant for your no well okay the card says the funds I’ll owe you does it but I had a birthday card for your dad but it was your dad’s birthday so wouldn’t it be his ticket no don’t let him scratch it William it’s not fair no well don’t scratch it please don’t scratch it please don’t spit oh my gosh stop stop it don’t Spach it why are you scratching your guys taking a match three what do you think it means we like amounts to win them what is it what I like them out oh yeah yeah males that are the same if you get three of the same number you win so if it says like $2 three times you win $2 or whatever number this is like if it says no money then you win nothing chances are you won’t even win two dollars no yeah it’s possible to win your money but not every ticket sometimes you win nothing that’s why I just let your dad have it just for just so he feels good just let him have it you probably want them to be anything a lot of those tickets you pay money and nothing comes out of them wait so William stop don’t why do you have to ruin it wait wait I see 125 thousand well you said two dollars no no no you see you see three twos you win $2 you scratch it and then you read the numbers on there and if there’s three of the same exact number then you win that number in dollars okay no it’s not cool because I told you to leave that for him well then that’s really not nice liyan that’s not nice wait let him scratch it oh my gosh why didn’t you wait for it thank you I hope you didn’t really scratch the whole thing I think I won what Williams I think I want would you win five bucks no no but I actually think I won I’m not kidding me see let me see there’s two 325 thousand so in here there are three twenty five way no let me see it William you’re so lying $25,000 let me see your face can’t worry about a thousand dollars twenty five thousand dollars twenty five let’s stop you don’t ileum honey no you read no wait oh yes we gotta scratch it off I came down ere it’s my body William see if it’s real my office give me the ticket Oh freakin mine nobody’s gonna put the chair down Pulliam I can see you’re gonna frickin draw Underpants no stopping my ticket stop it give me a ticket come on I’m gonna put the ticket in the office you’re so freakin or Williams let me I’m gonna put the ticket in the office in the office let him put it down I’ll look it up with the computer oh no no look at me it was a big ticket it was it was not a real ticket it was picture crap my shoes all screwed up lamb look at this picture here look take a look at my phone go look what picture it’s a fake ticket the ticket was not real look at your messages William hey it was fake think it was a fake ticket that’s what you get for scratching a tick that might not have been yours it wasn’t a real ticket it was fake it was all in good fun oh my gosh no pillows you don’t beat people up with pillows I’m gonna turn this off okay there’s no beating keyboard pillows abortions over all right it was it was a prank lame stop we’re done thank you phone oh please like subscribe and click the little Bell subscribe to violet first violet.


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