Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On My Mom Video

lottery prank

LMAO I’m going to hell, But she on.

would you taking it off what you win nothing poor you are like look fragment bitch I’m gonna get a cold world in the light five thousand five dollars five thousand five and daddy bitch I promise I’m telling you ah let me live match any three amounts to win five thousand five thousand five this is not safe tim is not fake hey this is real bitch what about shit girl let me do that oh wait but what you don’t dare bet I think that bitch to the huh you have to get out of town okay okay let me do cookie now what that’s her okay win up to five down all right that’s a fit let me see no no three three of lighting mastery amounts win download now god no he loved watching the guy that’s not for this would you look give me your buck what girl can see five thousand go dinner master you Matt three of monta huh were your mouth now I’m gonna do this now they don’t got my name on it there let me win this one I know you read this up are you rigged nothing uh puppet down my grandma oh yeah I even give you both was it hike fees from the Ohio Lottery ah now what is this scratch off ticket through your life now god damn it so shift and go down all along bitch now let me see some on this one box ain’t nobody to entire of dolly ah I quit question now bow ticket I distract another one should you to be I’ll take a minute lucky Irish did you hear about lucky Irish master yup mouth and win that amount yeah ah bitch I don’t want a full of shit bullshit my taste wise you fucking flavor official game rules told you I told you what I live for I need my specs for this bitch I don’t want oh five tickets money Showtime ah bullshit me de Monte Bushido it’s a bullshit I know if I a hard lottery official game may be claimed where a lottery ticket our so we’re tickets a thousand dollars hundred but be sent by mail or in person to Columbus Ohio without only your valley only it was the most to a real my lottery ticket and what is fun yeah I think I seen say Ohio State Obama live floor so we better go catch the mouse look at you girl though watch it was a prank I know it wasn’t pray and I’m like uh I’m here darling you’re happy you’re first we’ll go get this mother pop up to get out of here ah I need a fuckin tearaway.


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