Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On My Mom Video

lottery prank

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young bali ya know the propaganda she ain’t no and now she knows i used to get ahold now in the cojones bitch is taking up my clothes yo your love you guys would anywhere i’m back to be another video so today we gonna do things a little little just for me I actually on my mom like 100 hours games like that and I actually have a Highlander mom like a couple days or whatever machine actually today and the waiver then I get her money back is you know hit the mall parking lot or manager fuckin you talk it was a prank to shake you got some fucking fake ID with lottery tickets actually has echo a week now and I have you style I don’t ever see her so now i see here today his lips of her and she really been really fucking annoying lady so I have to prank her so I’m gonna go I’m go to the store real quick becoming anxious or whatever alright so he got back to mr.my mom in her room oh I’m gonna yell her name up to see if she comes I’m kind of nervous i can now fucking line money ho she gives me a good as we I you know I’m actually fucking tired I should get my other camera just in case another alright so I got my little piece of shit camera can keep anything happiness shit and um I do it do it do it mommy nah very well doctor ok take it okay lottery thank you lottery I want to share that too for you to be nervous Congress I’ll you never know mommy no I miss four dollars mommy go mm hmm go where your nails right now go you took hard mm hmm yep I think you got a match on you have to be three matches how long bokonim that’s a remedy you are mom and fuck up nah match the amount to win their mouth Kevin you match three way oh honey you match three from a warlike but if we give them brand new circle we were five thousand dollars my father is it one of the tenth outlook that hey guys i want my trouble when in kind of one maybe clean whatever see how goes to the thousand dollars hello ain’t doing that okay Rocky look at another one you go I mean I you leave a look odds of winning Nero intense I absolutely you think a real quick cat no Alan come here bro mom one’s picking that knowledge by king okay everybody are you got right i Justi bro I’d almost fucking mom I’m gonna watch the sharing I don’t even know if the I do look good or now I was like no but it was funny money she’s about man you look the storm and shit go I was she with a king with me this is just a first frame yeah i mean is it my first friend I’m gonna keep going more so be on the lookout for that I to go any woman i hope you guys enjoy teach. .

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