Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On My Grandma Video

lottery prank

Watch how I do the fake Lottery Ticket Prank On My grandma. I think she was really irritated with me… lol

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hey what’s up y’all it’s Kelsey and I’m hitting y’all with another video today right now I’m at the mall and I’m about to go buy a fake lottery ticket we’re gonna prank my grandma let’s see what happens walking inside the mall right now I haven’t been here in years I’m at home in Michigan it’s super cold bro can’t wait to get in this heat dude I love when people stare cuz I’m like what are you using what’s this gadget was she recording about caste them old folks in the back walking everybody exercises up here so let’s see if we can get to Spencer’s let’s go get it they are guys all right yeah just got the lotto ticket yeah mad about it oh my god I meant to give this to you I went to the store the other day there’s a bus stop I know what to say yeah I got three of the same put it on the table I was like if she’d take care of we’re and back yeah so you I get one more 10 now come on come on my heart racing I see I get three the same now she has to get three of the same we got double check to make sure that’s not it does not a dot so it’s not $10 dollars there’s three bro uno the face I’m taking picture this mad before you like amounts with that amount oh no don’t today’s oh no grandpa you’re a winner what do you have to say for yourself hey like do send out news cocaine and hookers grandma listen I’m just playing only one thing that’s a fake lottery ticket Oh oh yeah you gonna be Oh.


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