Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On Mom!!! (Gone Wrong) Video

lottery prank

LMAO……Damnnnnnnnn She Thought!! What Prank Should I Do Next??


damn boy what is of gang what is of squad I am back with a dozen video back with another freak baby today oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah y’all see it fake a lot of retic you prank on my stepmom she will be home from work in about an hour and little brother which one a faker you can’t even tell but this is the fake lottery ticket these are all from the gas station this one is the winner right here for sure because I got it off e.Bay and it’s a winner it’s a winner it’s a jackpot baby so for the lottery tickets are from the store one of them I got off of ebay it’s a winner of $10,000 she’s gonna think that she won $10,000 but she really gone away in $0 if none of these right here are winning hopefully if none of the ones from the stores are winners that are bought then she’s definitely gonna be leaving here with $0 so basically how this prank is going to work I’m going to tell my stepmom we are doing the lottery ticket challenge basically where you’re going buy a whole bunch of lottery ticket you come home you scratching my phone camera and you try to win on camera she in for something but she thinks it’s gonna be a little challenging shit it’s gonna turn the tool prints in the middle after she get happy she started jumping to joy oh man hey let’s go ahead and cash it out let’s hop in the car soon as we hop in a car i’ma tell her it’s a prank perfect squad in this day and go hashtag it in the comments cuz we lit 24/7 let’s go alright look so gang what’s up squad I am back with another video today I got my cell phone with me hey we will be doing the UM lottery ticket challenge and I basically with this challenge you go to some other random gas station and you pick up some lottery tickets and you try to scratch off and win on camera ready so we got the lottery tickets right here okay she just go scratch on yeah this is the christmas themed 3000 won my winning dollars how you do it perfect you will see how sponsor me get a tree oh hell no you know being tree oh man shit no one yes this is the alright fine three of the dollars and symbols in a row Oh hold on what you got oh hey what you got hey this is some bull this is some bull they played you on that one too okay okay my number is nine that’s my winning number two in a funky cell it’s an honor the other the winning number is nine we get an ID this is why you got some ball this is why we don’t once worth my winning number is six eleven teen when you’re not singing we losing a letter to the last time gonna be a charm the last time got bitch on and these are due to scratch on me we got Man 3 no boy look at you that real quick let me see there quick yeah man is anyone sit down do you wanna dance what kind of bars we’re gonna go through this we’re gonna go to the gas station yeah tôi có skinny where you’re doing 10 bricks tenrec and see your ring you got the tea before we go look let me go for a bit that’s a fake lottery tick what it’s a fake lottery ticket what the hell is a break ah come you let me open like this easy coming in the morgue um because you know you’re tripping in the know got me catching auger when you hit ballgame because you know. .

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