Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On Lazaro!!! Video

lottery prank

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you’re really gonna cash out Robert what’s good we’re back with another video as you can see it was always not with us right now because we’re gonna kick his ass are you guys so this is the game plan today we’re gonna go to the mall we’re gonna vlog a little bit because we told us all that we’re gonna vlog today and Dan once we come back from the mall we’re gonna hit him with the fake lottery tickets you dig don’t give me that big bucks 10,000 big bucks and then we gonna get his reaction so we all can go to Vegas when we get older and we’re all gonna get tough threes on us we’re gonna hit 3s emoji herb yeah we’re all getting the three in the S yeah you could get something else how you can get that top I’m just getting the three in the essence in the limo yeah me someone I go like this I’m gonna get my whole tent on my forum and then get it on my roots all right guys so we’re at the mall now I know but it’s cuz you’re white that’s why you’re ready I’m still dark always Cuban link like that you like that one just great on it we won’t come and get some irulu perm whoever thinks that we should get earrings give this video unlike you just say no it’s my favorite store go make a shirt like this but different so you know we just we just explore now oh no family friendly loves try this but there’s all this war don’t save for his birthday tomorrow some guys name their weenies your age no matter how many times you call his name go ahead boy read read the letter T just lies there happy birthday come boy that’s the Eskimo it’s an Eskimo are so we’re leaving that store because that’s a weird store and do not go in there because if you want to go into Nevada desert here’s a beautiful day out here positive vibes we stay happy I love y’all this boy trying to run away just cuz you got a pink sweater boy come back here where you going he’s all the way of that he think he big ballin now so he wants a bob girl $30 for this one right here so they comparative dollars mean it’s not even his girl he in line oh my let’s go see let’s see what you got there what do you guys look like some Hubble bubble gum wrap school to Hubble bubble gum rad walking around well somebody gets you so we’re trying to find those are 2x because he needs another one to get no don’t just get him just get the zip oh damn sorry want to get on the blue one Oh Gregor agree great yes all right so we’re trying to find his blue one because he’s already in line and he’s already in the front so we got to hurry put on the boosters well who is big I never seen no big people out here come on what small teddy bear out here no we all small out here why is there no extra extra large what is going on bruh smalls small large excess panache what about here get along great no there’s more blue they’re trying to hide over oh I found it yeah I’ve got it guys I got it let’s go buddy should this be my next watch because I got this one the well we know the jig should this be my new pickup I already got the ice on my finger you did listen oh wait which one will touch on me all right right there degree right there okay right there you okay I like that you should get that boy well he won’t agree oh I like your outfit today boy boy nothing about gimme a necklace to borrow no because I don’t know how oh look hey beau should I do a montage oh that was good that was good Oh blowing like that okay all right guys so we’re leaving the mall now we’re gonna go to Target could leave me get a couple things it’s pretty sunny out here that’s not like looking all retarded but it’s alright look look look it retarded to see you you know I’m trying to get this from my lips I’m gonna get it from my lips you know just a fresh air I said what you got a point you got a point I know you got good luck huh yeah don’t lie or sit where last time I got it I got four bucks bro I got ten ones that’s the house show big Lucy no hey Bo i’ma go first and then I want to see if I win bro I know like this huh what you want penny quarter dime not you go first you gotta waste our recording like this or the other way huh rock or like that one up to five thousand match three mm I got one on I got to clean out my car spasiba wins you saying you got good luck so I know I hope you got good luck people we’re gonna catch this on top three that’s what it is so far good luck out here top three is good luck wishes good luck 25 $25 how is that we come on you better win this because here you got you saying you got good luck so gonna lay back in order to do that okay starting off tiny you got them big bucks come on good luck though yeah you see two zeros and we swear to god you gotta see wait doesn’t really say 302 hook this bro turn match three like amounts dollars all just scratch this 10,000 bro says 1000 yeah it to be 18 to cash it Oh check it says well yeah if you get lucky got to be hot to catch there or something match three like amounts win that amount daddy you you got Joanne’s Dodgers got yours I got you good to get the bottom we got guys yeah god oh he’s about to drop at high school man you really got you though you gotta made the are you guys so we pranked them we got his ass team at one point zero points for him so close for him bitch yep so make sure you like subscribe and be prepared for the new videos.


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