Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On Grandma Video

lottery prank

This is a fake lottery ticket prank I pulled on my 81 year old grandmother. She had a wonderful sense of humor and always forgave me after my pranks, such as this one.

30/30 I can’t see it but $30 20,000 hey what dirt is 20,000 she’s got 3,000 oh yeah yeah Oh match three like a mountain I get I’ll give it comes out oh just read the back no see I what no I can’t see it because there’s no you can’t redo my one I feel bad make let’s say scratch a terrible play area match three dollar amounts and all the automatically one that dollar long wedding tickets up $10,000 I must must submit claim form by mail claim form support my Santa Claus all to be valid by the tooth fairy I’m sorry grandma.


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