Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On Grandma!! (Hilarious) Video

lottery prank

Leave a like If you enjoyed! 50 LIKES! AND I WILL DO MORE PRANKS ON MY FAMILY! / in this video I am pranking my grandma with a fake lottery ticket! so she thinks she wins 10,000 DOLLARS! but she doesn’t hehe.

no I are sitting we doing a prank of my grandma today with the fake lottery tickets and yeah I got four fake ones but we’re just gonna use one and we’re gonna take her to the gas station and everything just to try to make her think it’s really real as possible and she talk Spanish Sean parking acted like put some captions in English for you guys just conceived you don’t know spanish so yeah but if you enjoyed this video and you want to see more videos press the notification button but it’s by the subscribe button press that if you enjoy it and subscribe share this video if enjoyed also please alright guys here’s the real one these one on the bottoms are real these are fake guns we’re gonna give her this one I’m pretty sure yeah so I’m these all the real ones I got him later do you we bought an earlier about of you you ho Chi buy a bottle you give her another one honey one is ok mijo we are two more what happens in now when they Larry I don’t know you buy me a phone new phone wait let’s get it recorded what if we get it what if we get it this video go viral seek lucky dollar look you go viral them yeah and winds are monsters we have low you will see I went something better how much a dollar no I needed see in there just a specific i won oh she want two dollars I think so All Right girls checking out her cart three dollars three dollars mom do you know yeah now the other card grandma I want four dollars oh he’s actually good let’s see grandma good mom will see grandma it’s better know how are you play this one oh wait it match three like amounts when that amount is in 10,000 I 10 30 10 look 10,000 10,000 10,000 look wins three like amounts win that amount no me the gun English come on clash of the ticket look match three like a mom winda among its una broma will assist oh hey you know pinches quattro es una pinche bro my stead tickety this is your key no look it’s the same azuz we went back with you mommy there I get it Darla dollars una broma isto look como hacer pinche bromas y lo que hacer ahora en ellos en mean english mom I window 10,000 yeah viral video who’s a lion for any conversation abramo official game rules you drove it in the 139 yeah get to 10 top we just bought that card at the gas station no I can’t believe it no very much chillin wit haha English don’t play we ran a finger look oh my god mommy need buy more lows what if we win again I mean I masala gasoline it let’s go the gas station let’s go let’s go alright for creating stop compaq we’re gonna go the gas station to you don’t believe it but it’s real also naga sonia nina de porc Eskimo si si es que más yeah hero man as for you in La Colonia kasia don’t amigo poop way which card was it this one yeah look one two three match three no grandma how much you do win again how much did you win for the 10,000 me home Dean what are you gonna do with it I don’t know and give it you something I never charged okay good oh my god going in here by the way my head she’s going her cards get me so mad guy fishing here oh my gosh huh come on people’s here people are here there’s a lot of people we’re gramma behind us head oh my god with a letter opener door first so we look mad even though she just want 10,000 oh my god I’m wearing shorts what is this it’s a ticket for entertainment purposes only what it’s English it’s fake one yeah y’all know ended yours medium and she’s cool little too telling them they don’t sell it here 28 27 26 those the ones we got my grandmom videos gay yeah they see them what else you’re gonna get you a thousand grandma oh so the fucking car oh my god my grandma no no maybe I she knew Fiona my grandma that was good mom’s gonna give you 2 g’s for a card well that’s gonna be the video for today pranking my grandma with my mom my uncle so yeah leave a like if you enjoyed please.


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