Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On Dad( In Spanish) Video

lottery prank

Hey guys welcome to our channel!!! We just decided to do a quick little prank we hope you guys enjoy it and dont forget to

Much love sent from we are jj&j.

hey guys welcome back to our Channel I’m on vacation so today oh we got a praying fake lottery ticket so has that he he plays a lottery tickets right once in a while so we’re gonna go visit him he’ll probably leave it believe it no I think so they look decent little the jet will be back when we get to the house we’ll be back when we get to his house so keep watching two hours later yeah yes your car don’t see Sam Matri make them out with that amount you get a crash it turn turn hello oh okay this is all away we got his ass ah we got you you mad hey thank you guys for watching we’ll be back with more videos so go like comment share and subscribe oh we are change Andy bye.


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