Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On Brother (Da Money Fair?) Video

lottery prank

New to youtube but we have a lot of funny situations to share!

oh I got nothing to do with it that’s all thought it might be coming up real number so I get ready degree suspension there you got a good roll out big warm oh I hit one mole five grand wait 1 multiplied brandywine now oh yeah of course well you’re a big enough i’m george the repertoire blown up no me you wear that much nothing how she looks like now become told me to scratch the next one thousands of bull dog all you got a match three but don’t get the scratch all of them that is all right bullshit is wrong it’s three pops up is 35 thousand that’s all of one Harry I think I’ll thank you that’s all of them that is what it’s like it says match three of my will that amount that’s my brand so how I mean one off they said mrs.Lester a long oh my god just go get it go get him right now let’s go ah you should I get some of them am I gonna pee left what do you say about that share we have a feed up right now only my shoes nuttin busier would you just hit my better side like geez me bye bye Tommy bye MA Randy nigga like me are unimportant me that’s where are my life so you can say worldstar nother world saw her and fly us out we get cut right Mel wells are you 19 I won that five time world star well y’all on the song right now my world j worldstar where are you so I’m nigga say Ohio st. Mary’s a little chubby fat nigga like me deep down you need you get a minute be smelling to say we got that right why not nice why not let me get that when are we getting from you so you got to read and see what it said you got a character for the end that already to see how he will we hit winning time winning prizes there’s a dollar five dollars twenty five dollars and fifty dollars make these claims thereafter lottery tickets is our solar wind ticket winning tickets 100 or more must be sent by mail for real or in person this is a money money fair where’s money pier 123 Norway ride and make believe me right. .

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