Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On Boyfriend! Video

lottery prank

Hey y’all we are back with another prank check it out.


maybe you should settle down just like that you feel fuck nigga that nigga that you for sweetie can do a triple killer question why you still we don’t know where the questions rather tell real nigga you need to send no hesitation you you want to impress this lottery capacitor really didn’t deliver it you need to belong imbalance magical exists shall we like I’m rich I decided he’s gonna hello there Lana Richie you got that ladder Richie yeah where did years ago down who is it you’re wrong with you know look at level respect in the day no their daughter Nicole Richie I’ll know people who should be on originally for the camera Internet yourself and is always going to me how are you dangerous absolutely yeah I got kind of lotto tickets your lottery is coach I don’t get all of love give me to carbecue I had a look how much are they ten thousand five thousand I never had you know who that aware to the edges guys that’s what their age look like Lionel Richie then in your funny is when we turn into dinner like a visa sure you feel 20 amino group is you looking earring nice three amount okay well quarter some lottery ticket look at the crowd if what they say Mass trees like a mouth with that amount you see did you do it you serious very is missing now I see Jimmy day you know that’s my water $4 that’s mine there Mike wins boom no that’s nothing the house of you do this you don’t wish it for me why I’m right life I never easy it is inflated students look motherfucking I’m not trying to remember what a more like me it’s a prank it’s a prank a fan says GG Jeon Dae Hyun their basic discipline hey you would never give me he thought he won $10,000 ba ba I knew would be like I said II know ratification he read the back a sec yeah but team changing in the commies you are Pamela I was plenty do why did you even read it don’t read what you looking at I scratched 10,000 10,000 things I knew something would like if a car is good for sport I appreciate the game dude I wanted to go on longer but he has to be the one to read it later when I do my friend John tell you whether gonna be here man whatever Team 3d in the Commish off Quinn sick the ill he thought he was two thousand dollars we go that’s all because you hurt well he was playing Wow it’s the most most uh lottery ticket cards what when you first start expression they never really actually looked like this first on so this is already look like what they don’t look like this yo scratching wins don’t look like this and when you look at like much it’s much more of a harder game like okay I’m not helping you but here you’re seen GD in a comment sama hey okay baby who have you treat like that your waiter will find a thing I could show you were like that you never see focus where I’m just hoping showing you and me.


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