Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On Boyfriend!! (Turns Into Breakup Prank)!!! Video

lottery prank


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this video is brought to you by cat beast calm design your own custom snap backs and hats I came up from nothing nigga you can’t tell me shit ya did it oh my I got my neck check out my wrist what’s up drinking prior is showgirl King as you can see I am here alone lost again no dry ski let’s be close it is Prince once again y’all so I ordered some fake lottery tickets during the week or whatever ok and now they made it to Walmart so I told ray he’s going to walk my and pick up some stuff and I was going to pick up these y’all ok so when I get in I’m going to stay home and scratch off a lottery ticket or whatever when I tell me I’ve been feeling lucky subscriber that’s right off lottery ticket take on scratches off you’ll see one and then it’s going to be prank time yeah so do this video a thumbs up make sure you smash the subscribe button leave a comment and I’ve been going house and set the camera up catch off when I get ya I got you the lottery ticket when I was out and I for real yeah I’m not like four of them come here and spread them out for me huh he was got a big BOGO so you know you’re nasty Jay you’re always on a big your nose and do all their mass is store hmm thinks we’re you Manson Family Mart which one is where I would Appy me the niccola corner almost I want to scratch out we’re uh dad did you would madam please huh what stay out of that but no don’t it hi go ahead thinking about two nipples two niggas hi family what are some dealing with I mean without Dean I’m a good around here Titian when they can blow come on lump in a real look in my hand big it’s a new lady really you like this Mike we all hate you put the rivet on how thing let’s stop pasta broke your hand I would actually only like I’m Seri but and I say money I’m coming away my gremolata my word so nothing in lucky hi darling skirts are taking match three like amounts we did not come on baby ocular lucky come on don’t ruin a moment please all right a moment that is the plan will be reminding getting up yeah you gotta get three why it’s minus 30 like three of them so the top would get free ten thousand me to me get ten thousand like Donald Trump even Oval Office no y I know how do you do look there go see look that’s a different wreck yourself whoa my nigga that’s a different event right there they go another different amount tsunami I’m on a riddle guess we won’t bite off they go another different amount get to keep your money hey one more dollar and got to we got to look you won mo if this lamp will be checked out is I come to medical we should get up come on come on going home if we did want it I approached my nigga week and I get down we move it’s a Nigerian all right I’m not Nigeria we move it to the back what I say a 1 & 0 anaconda like to come and they like a number I’m sorry God yeah oh my god mm mystery like amount we need an American brand a stop bro we saw when I at the end of Monday morning the closure Oh watch your oppa Oh baby we’re just oh my god be margarita please would be on here come on come on oh my god no calling in is right come on girls you’re gonna fight about our money oh my god like a letter T oh my god there mom come on come on come on did you know we did it ten thousand dollars grandma I’m not playing on Soul series we’re gonna take ten thousand dollars you can’t hit any I’m Carly babe I’m coming I’m I’m car you better I’ll describe to our piggy I’m car you big I’m kind of a nice weekend you know I’m tight huh on a scratch out yes I’m not a beggar baby duplicate forget with Noah cosmos I listen in a car I caught lots of different look ladies in the car I cracked on one every month 20,000 my nigga we just want to know who’s protecting America became Athenian babies oh don’t see how y’all feel you don’t the damn you lon so we got $30,000 they go to pin thousands of 10,000 it was 20,000 baby we got you three like three numbers but it means don’t you say you could tweet those concurrently the medical profession in a place you see yes I’m single catch captain Ian I know need my money oh no no no don’t you give your sister said you bought it for me wait I know you don’t hear nothing else and I’m a bottom up a bottom are you barley big nothing hit 10,000 so so no you didn’t give me the money stop you give me no money what you really do don’t burn what your role was out there for like a doctor today yeah I also done but you did paint you didn’t pay me updated all right no I’m learning now not it’s okay you don’t care to articulate I know it I bought it with my money doesn’t be my son he’s gonna break up money girl when you get the money she just break over me I get 3,000 oh yeah what okay mm I don’t owe me bro oh you ain’t very rare yes I am breast with Johanna but you guys even do with impact put a brake on me you take all their money yeah you put money on it Dre I’m doing it for the money of it what you made on it a dollar 25 say you have a Twitter privacy about these I got a big audiences 25 6 hey leave me number not everybody calls me monsters the column you know you can tell me I will give me to take it out let that price on one mo if I’m all free and all it’ll just one hit be out of your head if you don’t hit me don’t hit dead you can have it what don’t you get don’t get I can have yuppers I got up and swept out the last month you’ve got me so mistletoe if you don’t get out your heavy eggnog who’s my baby no no I got 500k you didn’t boy they say 10,000 or to God okay I’m back out of tickets and let’s see how that reveals it got some customer name yourselves it got the signature and so I can see 3d another killer for hurried that got me ready good when the prize is a 1 5 20 maybe claim whenever like checkers I sold like what you singing this ticket for it anytime and purposes only thanks we been a good sport right Theresa second one women think is a 1000 or must be seen by Miller impression to the money fairy one two three no we’re driving make believe hello Ted grandma Ted grandma it was oppression is I ain’t women ain’t weighing nothing I taught the Our Lady hi come take care I’ll take till you’re 21 you know if I’m able to buy I should be able to catch you I don’t honestly honestly better I don’t care right now I’m just gonna keep I don’t care okay thank you yeah don’t you think and emeliza twenty thousand a week take er day there’s gonna be some oh man go towards us Tiki all day long lead missile I need all my missile succumbing it was whiny kids down below please subscribe y’all brothers subscribe and be a part of the missile family I’m out there I you see you I feel good don’t worry about my ki kya haal hey honey taught his grandma you could camera yeah I’d uh yeah let me up and try some fight with Jason block and lately I’ve been feeling like the Hale cop there there Selenia be horses for this.


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