Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On Boyfriend!! [He Actually Fell For It] Video

lottery prank

OMG! im the best prankster! hehehehe! I really hope you guys enjoyed this vlog / prank if you did smash that like button! leave a and

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good morning I just woke up it’s so late oh my god okay this is my second time vlogging I have today is a great day I hope everyone has a great day how does that work all day yesterday so I was really frustrated so I’m so happy and I get to be home today I’ll see you later hello so it’s been a few hours since I’ve been up I cleaned that 8 my mom’s been home my little brother too cuz he’s sick so yeah I’m about to work out then shower and go to the doctor because I have an appointment also my nose has been stuffed for like a good month we’re gonna figure that out see what’s wrong hopefully it goes away soon because it’s gotten to the point where like I smell things and all I smell is nasty stuff like it smells disgusting it sounds nasty too and it is yeah I’m gonna work out shower then head to the doctor’s I might hang out with for now no today I’m not sure I really hope so though so I can prank him but I feel like he’s gonna expect it so I’m scared alright cuz both is HPV season until it’s 16 besides flips Mindy she needs her second one don’t touch those oh it’s okay it’s okay anyways I got back from the doctors I got to wait now I got one shot and I got blood taken out I don’t know it was like a anyways right now I’m just waiting for sin and I’m actually ready for the first time ever and I’m just waiting I don’t know if we’re gonna go to eat I really don’t know what we’re gonna do have his prank right here really hope it goes good hope you guys enjoy hope I enjoy my day I did my hair my makeup I’m bored let’s see I’m in my parents room that’s not my room I’m a super duper a store is that him that would be so funny but no that’s right it’s not him who is this alright so that was my people that was so awkward but still waiting for him I know you got alright it’s taking him so long alright I’ll see you guys in a minute when I’m with him okay so reason why I waited so long was because for demo was trying to pull a prank on me and his Chuck died on him I was like recording the link I was like he’s taking forever headed oh yeah hi Colin and I was ready at 6:15 and and it’s eight and Fernanda just told me he doesn’t like editing my vlog so I need a new new editor please hit me up thank you does anybody know if that’s good I really wanted but like I don’t want it also get the whiskey bacon burger something get me I’m vlogging now to get all these damn well if there was tea hold on we still have a bonus right here so I always try to start with oh you describe these my girlfriend just took a major L I guess we both have been taken out come on you never know look of the Irish come on one more one more okay okay what I do match three like amount win that amount win ten grand all right wait this one put it separate because I won that one twenty five ten thousand ten thousand all my goodness ten thousand are you lying oh my mama we just won $10,000 now you did it let me sing Oh your prank did backfire okay guys I think that’s all for my vlog something for now is just gonna take me home we had a good day right yes we did he was gonna prank me today but actually the prank she was gonna do on me I did on him and I kind of work not really the way you’ll see it do you do your no I don’t do adios my dude are you mad no you’re not mad yeah you are man yeah manikins the prank I was supposed to do this prank on you today like this you’ll see him all mine I literally went to every Friday blogging every single store but I went to every single dollar general we have I went to two dollar stores that we have in this town and I went to Walmart man that’s six doors for two dollars on e.Bay and my truck died two times and died when I was at the last dollar store and then some random man help me man shout to him though for reals for helping me he helped me kicked on my truck and then I went to one more lap Dollar General and that hot Chuck died again and there’s a sighs yeah come save me in yeah well I thought I was gonna get her another day but I had it all planned as I kept saying within two weeks within two weeks my god that’s why you were so mad when I was taking its a long time no that’s why I was mad when at first I was like no we’re not gonna do anything because I was like I don’t know if we’re gonna go out to you made that only she only wanted to go I was just to prank me wow you’re kind of gone now I got excited I got excited that I’ve been 110k I was better retired I was gonna retire for okay that was awkward today’s prank with Fernando and my mom’s will be on this one my dad’s is a separate one bitch fuck the meat if you wanted to these expensive pieces bad bottoms Jesus birdie. .

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