Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On Boyfriend!!! (*Best Reaction*) Video

lottery prank


hi guys welcome back to my channel so today I am doing the fake lottery ticket prank on baby so I order the tickets online and people have to get to arrive I have been prepping myself for this date so last week I saw mom I’m like one of our friends want like a thousand dollars and I think I should start playing the lottery so oh really yeah it is because I knew like today I was going to do the prank so this morning I woke up and I saw one like I had a dream that I want like 5000 playing a lot or you can play wow I really so we’re on our way right now to a birthday party on the way those them I’m gonna be like you will stop to the gas station so again get one of the lottery tickets in go I’m feeling lucky today so yeah we’ll see how it goes I hope it will pull fingers from but yes I will see you guys later so today is Saturday and I’m here with the family one of the other okay so we are on a list of friends to my friend su birthday party but we are going to the gas station because we’re okay no we did it it may run out of gas because a plan at work so mean that / no one told me that she want like a thousand dollars once she did the lottery ticket II so and I also had a dream last night that I want like five thousand look do we live it again so I’m feeling lucky today I have a strong feeling I’m going to win something guys things that I was going to get those above the broom so right now we are on our way to the gas station are you guys excited for mom to win something that’s what we are mom we’re happy for you but we won’t be guys later yeah how do you do it so let’s see what else is on wonderful it says check up all the squares one three five in a row mm hmm three fives in our roles I’ll call them we’re going and win the prize so they gotta be obviously like tic tac toe or something mystery prize okay or whatever that is that’s what the prize will be if we could get it I guess she thought this is a prize and then here does it with scratch this often oh we hear like hmm no you’re doing does every game I thank you because you’re a lucky you really lucky phone I’ll go really got like three in a row that don’t get like okay so it says three five so get a five five five and then like you win the prize okay so we’re going to scratch all of them then where should I start so anywhere okay the other lucky one is that you like a single you’re thinking about it okay so I started why are you scared I must yeah I’m just huh just turn away all right well we got one time all right yeah so now what oh yeah if you want that’s five or three as far as any if you get three five in a row but guys it’ll hurt yeah and I suppose for one mo it will get a little fuck yeah three five in the roses describe a little which one you think actually no beyond I don’t know Bank it’s already made oh I should have known that what you don’t yet better go in a low sit down low chances fuller I said yeah chance we have full five we need one more five tries one got it we got three five now what those faster fries are you sure and I would revisit is grachov all the squares on three fives in a row left all alone card I can’t win the prize so whatever the price is will we win oh baby yeah yeah you want to a surprise huh huh you start thinking about it I’m nervous the dead girls really gives this he said you you’re having a good you’re in a good mood today or what yeah go filling yeah okay go guys guys okay that’s all about this you guys guess what it is okay what do you think it is that this feedback for information on how to claim your prizes what is Oh out of the divisor five grand oh my gosh Inc this can’t be real huh this can’t be are you kidding me you’re lying you’re just 5 grand baby say what you’re kidding this is a joke right no 1 5 grand yeah so how do we as me our way is me I’m away style okay you want in there fine but we’re team right yeah by winner and got those things as I see back for see back so maybe really want five grand Oh are they gonna give it to you happy right now y’all so happy what nothing I am happy so are you happy look people she likes older people yeah look we want for she won five grand in I mean how do you focus Kings okay yeah we got like three in a row like are your spirit by brand just gonna have I’m not gonna have are you serious we’re gonna love going 500 you’ve gotta be kidding there’s five hundred five there’s five now five hundred say a mom won if you’re serious you’re being lucky you like are you kidding me like really for real yeah are you for right now just like a joke just one in there jump it all your friend won five grand so you think you will reply Brad I cannot do both like I said you will not follow them oh yeah you just did it maybe ho oh my god like a house is possible cuz I told y’all feel lucky so what do we have do it on how does that work then I mean how does that got three fives in a row right yeah if I survive the direction I scratch off all of the squares what’s all of them still got a scratch with all this week well we all need to attend already got three in a row yeah find three fives in a row a column or dine saw anyway we can find on a roll call on or die annually and win the prize maybe you would be it’s just see the back prizes or una FATA answer your honor to be clean word these ideas are so right as a father I was not almost being presented to it says loser are us obviously so we’re the you losers yeah nothing say a friend they really did this to me huh yeah me thank you hi do you have anything that we’re going to give our grandpa was that funny on that prankster and I’m sweating actually salford can’t believe it zero somebody but thanks guys for watching and I will see you on Thursday I gotcha goodbye oh she got me I guess.


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