Fake Lottery Ticket Prank On Boyfriend Best Reaction Ever!! Video

lottery prank

This might be the best fake lottery ticket prank on my boyfriend gone wrong. This was a fake lottery prank gone terribly wrong haha! Yall must watch this fake lottery ticket prank best reaction

What’s up CHOSEN ONES!!! Did y’all like our epic fake lottery ticket prank on boyfriend best reaction ever video!! honestly this was the most funniest prank to film lmao \ and if you guys want to see more bfvsgf prank videos below!! Don’t forget to share this fake lottery ticket prank on boyfriend with at least 2 of your friends. WE love you CHOSEN ONES!!!



ALLI INSTA: @__ITSALLI TYLER INSTA: @thrudevineeyes.

all right you guys yeah you do mind me saying that 10 people have been winning no thinking we should play well maybe 21 wow you’re well my mom the way back we can can you just get at any guys you do well remind me I’m gonna leave that we’ll do it cuz you know like weirdest thing about everything I trained to do so I’m going to scratch it off I didn’t but hopefully the game I described well when we’re done with this I’m gonna lay back for well go to there or over there and yellow will see our Facebook fans of getting ready to get together we voting on my face experience again little nubs just pulled em runnin and on my darling there’s like a Mc.Quoid you okay so cash register guys ready record deal mm hmm so great this isn’t work Windsor Dean hmm good you got a check you got a gun there thank you I hope we described the first match three like amounts metal bottom corner looking really nice ten thousand I put them into really oh yeah I thought I was going to do another word yeah you know you’re the last one Oh young so ready for this prank yo if y’all want to see more stuff from us makes you guys to subscribe button shape to this video because so bad you know and let’s make him feel better makes you all share this video. .

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