Fake Lottery Ticket Prank- Hilarious!!!! Epic Video

lottery prank


poor Miguel nobody can move that bad why don’t you get some fucking marks when we got a song like Galatea to make some marks over here I’m not ready to drop any of clean see tire well I don’t think those are gonna be yeah after 30 mrs.Prosser right now I don’t want to rocks write it down look at my husband I want to see like just little England dude they’re all right I’d much rather have the regular blender longer yeah 10,000 baby come on it some more the community okay winning number 26 one more 10,000 dude we got it last one no I swear to God look check it out it’s a10 swear to God fucking 10 it’s fucking $10,000 dude I fucking swear to God on my life I swear to God my life right now you guys say they’re anything like amount to win that amount 10,000 10,000 Oh how long have you had these four weeks we got to do that I got to do this shit yogi I’ll give you 5,000 it’s 5,000 to 10,000 prizes may be claimed I’m gonna pay off my car dude that’s it it’s perfect huh let’s see I ain’t making no more pain I fucked not going into work tomorrow Saturday Sunday got me take that fucking camera before I fucking knock you out. .

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