Fake Lottery Ticket Prank!!!! ( He Freaked Out ) Video

lottery prank



you know Camila my ramune don’t ever let you down what so family so this is another video is going to be a different video though into prank I went to the mall and bought either fake scratchers and basically what they are is a fear watch limited you can either win $10,000 $5,000 but these are fake what I’m going to do today with this prank is my own book is working right now he’ll be coming home soon and I went to this store that nearby like blocks nearby and I actually went and bought real scratchers and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put one of the real ones and one of the fake one I’m not going to give in to my own I’m gonna make my argue to my own group cause if I give it to him then he’s gonna know what’s up and I can’t wait and this is my first print ever and let’s get right to it using a fellow Thomas won’t go right you know yeah yeah well it’s over yeah yeah the time agreement of the weather I mean hello Maruti Wallace the only on FX the composes the price of the average normal is allow my because I just love the water park and millennium no money No Wow so beautiful day customer service businesses and customer service okay I can’t record customer service bankable Aaron oh good are you number wound up it’s a particular mania ha me yeah ok can imagine another paycheck I wanna so this what you want off of if you’re lucky some user computer people more la mujer que que no entiendes this is the chancel thing not a sparrow and K and the Ramirez mr.so reckon organize the chances engenheiro and whispered and so your complaint what and then molar ending for those dollars yes jihad is Medina compromise uno de una mentira espresso news barcode no zone on Nemo’s and in a case you must I what’s up guys I hope the years enjoy the prank if you’re new to this channel just please don’t forget up subscribe down below give this prank alike I’ll be coming up with more prank turn the bail notification on so you don’t miss any of the videos I focus um I start doing challenge videos pranks and blogging of course because that’s what I want to do if we’re going to follow my social media to snapchat and my Instagram are going to beat down in the bio thank you guys so much for joining my crazy life and like I always say I’ll see you guys next time peace. .

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