Fake Lottery Ticket Prank (Gone Wrong) Video

lottery prank

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what’s up mr.leghorn bagging up the prank video and said damn you pranking my cousin with the fake lottery ticket print I put these online I got four and now I’m thinking of doing four different ones of these on her and then on like um people that are my know also but like each person has like they own like veal but I’m gonna hop first and hopefully this is a funny and a good reaction and if that shot make sure you like comment subscribe turn on for notifications following my Twitter my ass still gonna be down here down the bottom but like I said wake it up bro comment down below on why should do if I could just prank huh only or do each do each one on each person which each different video and I’m out enjoy the video oh and before I’m gonna act like I’m vlogging well first so she don’t know what I’m actually doing so hum ah she think we vlogging and I’m play here goodnight boom but whatever I stop talking let’s get it don’t doubt my bet that bed already got kills oh speaking of money hold up I’ll be back son faster what do you say let’s do this but let’s do this and then that’s it for a walk what the what but eat one of these hey no that’s for a different do not touch that do you not that’s what a different video that we are gonna do are you doing it read it first Mestre to win huh let the mask read him to one Mon says a $5,000 budget will Monte ten thousand where you draw horse what to do who scratch it yeah that’s a mess now I got ya what what I think she’s dead as one ten thousand ten thousand this that’s mastery we what what that mean there’s your card I mean I won I mean we did I win it says Matt Street I don’t think you want to dozen News ten ten ten that’s three two one thank you mom wanna do it you just won you sure if there’s a fake bottom you take out that come to me no I’m so serious wait happy you $1,000 fake fuckin don’t boo me no hurry how was that face look look at the back and all I see is dirt it’s the same fee song name all that street address city Ola I think I’ll be better as this one all those trying to get out to me I mean yeah I gotta go to the store and cash daddy I mean I got that story oh you want $2,000 you don’t seem happy get out cuz I will leave you get out I don’t want it I do so how about interesting I’m playing I try to read go to the store I’m still posting us that’s not how I wanted to go bro that’s not see I keep praying her like so that means she’s gonna know something’s up I’m have to keep printing somebody else new videos print coming up I got a laxative print comin true so I got all that coming though so if you teach I miss you were late coming to shop right now I know I know my videos is not perfect but bear with me until we go alright you’ll go to the top sub up right now we’re driving i’ma do better for your vlogs come in basketball for you is all a hair by just suburb right now it was the steel smiling. .

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