Fake Lottery Ticket Prank Gone Wrong!!! Video

lottery prank


swingarm I’m free tonight writer doubt that’s it is there’s really almost nothing I have to do to my bike except in fender eliminator copilot hi say hi original tires yeah no idea what kind of like is this again I think you spoil yourself way too much my nephew Levi you’re gonna be are you gonna be a writer warranty three year warranty these claims lawyers are you gonna put flames like slice I last one on the freeway did you draw that will Walter White portrait yeah that’s cool thank you what’s up guys my name is Blake and guys today is the day the prank is officially coming out today on this video you’re watching right now and the prank that I’m pulling to a point on my sister and what I got is I got these fake lottery tickets where I’m gonna give her one and it’s even think she won either $5,000 or $10,000 well you know what I’ll make it up to her and in the end whenever this video is uh is done being recorded I’m I gotten by her real lottery ticket and see if she’ll win and I know I’m I’m a dick brother but it’s a one if you enjoy this prank please drop a like and subscribe alright guys let’s see if we can get her sorry Haley I do apologize in advance but this is just payback then you put my holy fucking shit look at that look at it Wow after every Wow oh you guys have fun emus I’m outta here I won’t find out what you know that was no bother at the street by fucking Thomas five dollars yeah Merry Christmas man I have no idea well you gotta read the back to find out where it comes or sandy Dan got some money winning tickets of $100 or more must be sent by mail or in person to the money fairy yeah I know we’re drying here thinks she win $5,000 Blake I’d like to $10,000 I’d like you this is stupid well guys that did not go quite as planned I’m pretty sure she knew it was fake the whole time but my brother in law did they’re fake because I told him I was gonna get him with them if I didn’t want to get my sister but he was like no I know they’re fake dude I know all about those and that my sister said it just says I want $5,000 these are so fake so yeah guys if you enjoyed please drop a like and don’t forget to subscribe I’ll see you in my next video guys my name is Blake and I’m out have a great day alright guys so I just talked to my brother in law and my sister and they said I should pull this prank on my cousin baby and guys I think I am gonna do it because my cousin is so global she’ll believe anything and she really believes she won ten thousand or five thousand dollars guys enjoy the next fake lottery prank video once again my name is Blake and drop a like and subscribe and have a great day.


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