Fake Lottery Ticket Prank Gone Wrong! Video

lottery prank

A little life lesson on the lottery kids! Always wait atleast until you cash in the ticket before buying anything. . . t

hey what’s going on guys so today we’re gonna bring you a great prank so basically our friend never watches the news so what we did is we called the company the new station that was like in charge of like the lottery and then we got them we got him a fake ticket and now we’re just gonna hand it to him and we’re gonna play a fake broadcast and then later later tell them we’re gonna do we are going to have the news company come out and and just give them a little congratulation so let’s go see how those Jordan you watching the news here here take this one I got you this for your birthday no 14 25 32 oh my god is that it is that it bro oh my god you just won the lottery it’s speechless oh my god all right congratulations to the winner please call our company as soon as possible to retrieve your money good oh my god it’s a mom yeah I called you yeah I know I know it’s my birthday and all my friends came over just now and they gave me a lottery ticket and yeah I know you don’t like them I’m not gonna be like dad Gamble’s a lot but anyways again yeah they gave me a lottery ticket and and III looked at the news for the winning lottery numbers and sure sure enough I got the winning numbers okay okay okay yeah I know I know I was freaking out to you and oh my god I know I know I know um you know it go ahead and get the car that dad wanted oh you know I know it was on the four we can’t week you’re on your way right now yeah yeah okay all right okay all right I got a call more for you I’ll get all right violet yeah what lottery I’m gonna call my boss right now and uh I saw garbage for the waste management for town and so Collin quit yo Chuck you know Chuck it’s Brad you listen to me now okay Chuck yeah I quit I quit no I quit I quit I sordin its jack squat for you okay Chuck um you get you kitty yeah you bet yeah I didn’t quit all right yeah yeah I’m putting you know what you’ll be seeing me on the news so probably tomorrow on channel 7 so turn it on at 5 o’clock because you’ll be Sydney flashing a big old check baby I quit did it alright so why did you bring you guys out here because I’m going to show you something yeah but you want to show you I bought that I called the bank up just now and I said you know um I just I got a I got I got the money it was three mil three mil yeah cuz I won five I’m fine no already so I called him up I just say hey yo let’s get it done let’s get her done and know it I called him up I said you know I think I got five mil no I got I got five mil and I said no it I’ll come down there tomorrow and I virtually signed my name on the contract so I can’t back out now what hey and so so and then uh yeah and then I’m like yeah I’ll come in tomorrow and I’ll give you cash go check out your house you go walk that way leave like seriously we needed like we gotta tell we gotta tell him we have to dude this isn’t I know I know I know uh all right this has gone on too far yeah yeah they say I can’t mow my lawn mow my lawn I’m gonna need you guys mowing it every week so far is that cool okay guys so we’ve been letting this go on for too long so now we’re just gonna let me know this is all a joke this is all a prank and yeah I really really hope this reactions awesome do it you guys changed me man yeah I want to hug you I just wanna hug you wait should we talk to you hey we need you to sit down why do you sit my seat have a seat well I don’t know how to say this to be honest but it started help just as a joke but that ain’t that the ticket was made the whole thing’s big yeah but we didn’t know that you were gonna go off and buy all these extravagant things like quit your job in three million dollar house man what’d you do to a situation you know but honestly that was a really financially irresponsible decision on your part um we’re so sorry man so everything is fake yeah the whole it was just all fake we hired the news people to come by yeah they should be here in like a couple hours but we wanted to tell you right now it was a joke I bought a million dollar house just now 3 million house man and I quit my job yeah and I’m sorry but I can’t get my job yeah that’s kind of the downside about all that what sick minded person would give a person another person at a big lottery ticket where’s wrong with you what is wrong with you no this is a joke it’s just a prank ok let’s just get out of here frickin loser just a prank oh my god oh such a douche hey guys we’re back um so today we’re you’re gonna be meeting the physical winner of the lottery um so without further ado he’s right over here get my gate here and let’s go let’s go have a have a nice chat no no no no screw you weird the lottery and we’re like yeah I’m not the winner this ain’t a winning ticket who are you what’s your name what’s your badge number get off my property get that camera out of my face well that’s the way the cookie crumbles I looks like this prank didn’t turn out well hey what’s up guys we hope you enjoyed that video and this is my uncle here my uncle rule pinellas he had he owns his own landscaping company so right here in the Melbourne area give him a call and he’d love to come out and do it yeah yeah and he does speak English by the way what no habla.


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